Building a pool enclosure: 5 tips

Building a pool enclosure: 5 tips

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A pool enclosure can have several functions. It warms the water in the pool, facilitates the maintenance of the pool, creates a relaxation area or even secures a pool. To take advantage of a pool enclosure at the best price, you can buy a kit and assemble it yourself, or build your pool enclosure. How to do ? Here are the 5 writing tips.

Tip N ° 1: choose the kit pool enclosure

Building a pool enclosure is not easy. Also, to make your task easier, you can opt for a kit. In wood or metal, the kit is delivered to your home with the instructions. Some brands even offer telephone assistance for the duration of the installation. Thanks to the instructions, you know how many people are needed for assembly, you have the list of tools to provide and especially all the parts for assembly.

Tip # 2: look at the plans online

Do you want to build your pool enclosure yourself? This option is very attractive financially but remains reserved for experienced DIY enthusiasts. If you feel up to the task, know that you will find on the canvas hundreds of pool shelter plans to customize according to your desires and needs. Some professionals suggest that you create custom kits based on your plans. This solution is ideal because you have a unique product and receive all the parts necessary for the construction of your pool enclosure.

Tip # 3: seek advice

Also online, there are DIY communities where you can get advice. You can also ask for advice around you, from DIY friends or colleagues who have done similar work. If you hire a professional to buy the different parts, be sure to choose the right products when presenting your project. Warning ! If in any doubt, you should dare to inquire. It would be a shame to damage the pool enclosure or your pool.

Tip N ° 4: be perfectly equipped and organized

To optimize the construction of your pool enclosure, you must have all the tools at hand. The various elements of the shelter must be classified by size and type in order to always find their way around. Display the plans for easy reference. To mount your pool enclosure, you will need space. Make a clean place in the garden or on the terrace beforehand!

Tip N ° 5: do not start alone

Building a pool enclosure can be difficult. It is therefore recommended not to start alone. Indeed, certain parts of the structure are too heavy to be handled by a person. There must be several! And if your companions are handymen, you will also benefit from sound advice and very useful know-how.