Pretty vases at low prices

Pretty vases at low prices

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For centuries, vases have been an integral part of decoration. All in curves or rectilinear, transparent or colored, small or XXL, they decorate our interior with style and lightness! Here is a selection of decorative vases for less than 25 euros.

An ancestral tradition

Flowers play a very important role in our society: offering a bouquet is an attention that is repeated on all kinds of occasions, be it a birthday, an invitation, a declaration of 'love ... Arranged in a vase, the flowers are nicely highlighted and decorate the house with a fresh and vegetal touch. For a more harmonious effect, choose your vase in accordance with the flowers it will host! To avoid the risk of missteps in terms of presentation, the bouquet must represent 2/3 of the whole, and your vase the remaining 1/3. Also remember to adapt its diameter according to the number of stems: a soliflore will be perfectly adapted to a single long flower (rose, exotic flower ...), on the other hand the ball vase will be better suited to flowers with light petals.

How to make your bouquet last?

When neglected, bouquets of flowers tend to decline very quickly. In order not to speed up the withering process, it is essential to choose a vase that corresponds to the type of flowers that you have been offered: not all of them need the same amount of water to be at their best. . Also make sure to change the water in the vase regularly so that it is always clear and fresh. The stems of your flowers must be cut at an angle before being immersed in water, preferably with a knife or blade. The scissors have a tendency to "crush" the stem and at the same time prevent the hydration of the bouquet. Finally, place your vase in a bright place, without direct exposure to the sun: by following all these tips, your bouquet should be able to last a few more days!
1. Vinäger vase 25 € Ikea / 2. Round glass vase 5 € Hoco / 3. Ceramic vase 6.99 € Celebration / 4. Adria two-color vase 23.99 € La Redoute / 5. Copper-effect vase 8 € Party-reception / 6. Normann Copenhagen vase € 13 Scandinavian Design Center / 7. Glass vase in a boutonniere shape € 23.90 Delamaison / 8. Sockerart vase € 7 Ikea / 9. Soliflore vase Coming B € 16.90 Delamaison / 10. Egg Vase € 8.90 So Me