Pretty, inexpensive curtains

Pretty, inexpensive curtains

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Curtains are now an integral part of a soft and warm interior. Thick or in light veil, transparent or very colorful, they dress our windows every season while protecting us from outside looks. Here is our selection of decorative curtains for less than 35 euros per pair.

Let your imagination run wild

Windows and bay windows look very bare when they are not surrounded by pretty fabrics! To dress them elegantly, nothing like a pair of curtains or sheers chosen to suit your interior. Easy to install and accessible to all budgets, curtains are a good alternative to blinds and Japanese panels. If your room is contemporary in style, go for a bright color or graphic patterns. The more classic atmospheres will be better suited to neutral tones and noble materials (velvet, linen, silk, etc.).

Combining aesthetics and practicality

In addition to their decorative function, the curtains allow us to protect ourselves from outside looks, to play with light and to protect us from the cold and drafts. By choosing a curtain or a curtain of threads, you will reduce the power of the sun's rays, especially if your window is facing south. If on the contrary the orientation is on the north side, opt for a finer fabric that will allow maximum light to penetrate. Over the seasons, vary the materials and patterns: a simple and inexpensive way to change your decor! Velvet, wool and thick fabrics are ideal in winter for a cocooning appearance. At the same time, your curtains will play the role of thermal insulation by partially stopping the ambient cold that prevails around the windows. Swap them for light cotton or linen when the warm weather arrives!
1. String curtain € 11.99 Shopix / 2. 80% blackout curtain € 15.12 Home Home / 3. Pink string curtain € 4.50 La Redoute / 4. Murgröna curtains € 24.95 per pair Ikea / 5 Set of two blackout taupe curtains € 25.99 Amazon / 6. Set of two blackout blackout curtains € 25.80 Amazon / 7. Mossflox curtains € 29.95 per pair Ikea / 8. Blackout curtains and thermal insulation € 34.99 the pair Amazon / 9. Turquoise curtain € 10.99 Tati