What colors go well with gray?

What colors go well with gray?

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Gray + turquoise

If in recent times turquoise has rather kept company with brown in the world of decoration, know that it also likes perfectly alongside gray, to which it brings a touch of dynamism and radiance. To combine gray with turquoise, you have different choices: you can opt for gray on the walls and play with small decorative objects and furniture in turquoise tones, or alternating gray and turquoise stripes in the form of stripes on the wall … Try this combination if you are fond of sweet atmospheres.

In which room ? The entrance

Gray + green

To give a room a mineral spirit, there is an excellent solution: combine gray with different shades of green. Be careful however: for the rendering to be aesthetic and harmonious, it is imperative to leave the majority gray - especially on the walls - and add a few notes of green with accessories, or a strip of wallpaper, or even patterned tiles.

In which room ? The bathroom

Gray + taupe

Notice to lovers of natural and cocooning atmospheres: to enhance the gray in a room while creating a cozy and soothing atmosphere, the combination of gray and taupe is simply ideal! To make the result even warmer, do not hesitate to accompany the mixture of gray and taupe with other colors in lighter and softer tones like beige, or even darker like chocolate brown for example. Gourmet but nevertheless soothing, the result is sublime!

In which room ? Bedroom

Gray + flashy colors

The advantage of gray is that it can be combined with many colors, from the darkest to the most showy! This is why if you have fun with the gray on the walls and the big furniture in a room, you should not hesitate to play the contrast with some more flashy decorative objects, just to energize the room and bring it pep's and freshness. A yellow vase here, a blue cushion there, then a slightly more imposing apple green armchair, and the end result will be chic and cheerful.

In which room ? The living room

Gray + mustard yellow

If you want a modern decor by focusing on trendy colors that are popular at the moment, do not hesitate, and think of combining gray with… mustard yellow! Indeed, this shade of yellow - less flashy and sparkling than sun yellow or chick yellow - is perfect for enhancing a total gray look in a room by bringing warmth and light. Very contemporary, the alliance of anthracite gray or pearl gray and mustard yellow works every time, especially if you opt for the gray furniture combo with spikes of mustard yellow in the decor (cushions, frames, etc.).

In which room ? The living room

Gray + powder pink

Powder pink is another shade that matches perfectly with the color gray in interior decoration. Finally, provided you opt for a rather soft gray, such as mouse gray, pearl gray or silver gray; bright and soothing shades that will blend perfectly with powder pink, a delicate and subtle shade of pink, and that will immediately bring a cozy side to your room.

In which room ? The living room, the bedroom