Standardized pool protections: our selection

Standardized pool protections: our selection

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Having a swimming pool is a chance. To take full advantage of it, you need to secure the pool. Indeed, according to the Law Article L 128-1, private non-enclosed underground pools for individual or collective use must be provided with a standardized safety device aimed at preventing the risk of drowning.

Standardized products for optimized security

There are still swimming pool protections that do not meet the requirements of swimming pool safety law today. This guarantee is provided by standardized products. Compliance must be printed on the product itself. To ensure the quality of the products and thus optimize the security of your pool, it is advisable to choose a company that has the conformity of its products tested by an independent laboratory. The product must be installed in accordance with all of the manufacturer's recommendations to maintain compliance.

Our selection of standardized pool protections

Here are the protections of swimming pools existing on the market and the corresponding standard for each of them: - Protective barriers: standard NF P 90 306 - Perimeter or immersion alarms: standard NF P 90 307 - Safety covers (roller shutters automatic, bar covers, tarpaulins stretched outside the edges of the pool, rising pool bottoms): standard NF P 90 308 - Pool shelters: standard NF P 90 309 Good to know : the NF protective equipment label is recognized by law. This is an additional quality approach of the manufacturer who has chosen to engage in a business audit process, control of the production chain and who provides training for its installers. To help you materialize these different pool protections, here are some examples of standardized equipment: the pool enclosure, the security barrier, the alarm, the roller shutter and the stretched tarpaulin.

The pool enclosure

The pool enclosure has many functions. Whether high, mid-high or low, it secures the pool while keeping it clean and maintaining a pleasant temperature. Depending on the model chosen, it will even be possible to decorate the space and create a personalized atmosphere.

The security barrier

The safety barrier allows the little ones not to access the edges of the pool and therefore not to fall into the pool. There are many models, so it is very easy to equip yourself without distorting your garden.

The alarm

Because it is more aesthetic, the alarm is very popular equipment. It is placed discreetly on the edge of the pool and is triggered in the event of a fall or immersion.

The roller shutter

The roller shutter often consists of slats. It covers the pool when it is not in use. There are manual and automatic models.

The stretched tarpaulin

Like the roller shutter, the stretched tarpaulin secures the pool while facilitating its maintenance!