Before / After: A guest bedroom transformed into a feminine wardrobe

Before / After: A guest bedroom transformed into a feminine wardrobe

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For a few years now, the dressing room has become an essential or even essential must-have for our interiors. Ideal for optimizing space, it is THE solution to organize your wardrobe and store your linens efficiently. Whether it's extra storage, a custom-made dressing room or a fully-fledged room near the bedroom and the bathroom, let it be said the dressing room has not said its last word. The proof in pictures with this small guest bedroom transformed into a large dressing room by interior decorator Sonia Saelens.

Modernize the room with color

Before: The burgundy and Provencal yellow hues of the wallpaper, combined with the raw wooden beam give an old-fashioned look to the room, which seems dim and smaller than it actually is. After: Radical metamorphosis for this old faded bedroom transformed into a feminine wardrobe and a touch of romance. With its pink and white hues and its blond wood parquet floor, the room now looks like a small, ultra-practical boudoir. Energized, the room is now spacious, bright and comfortable at the same time.

Atypical volumes

Before: Sloping wall, lack of light, badly placed beams ... atypical volumes make it difficult to arrange this small space. After: In response to this problem and with a view to the low budget desired by the couple of owners, Sonia Saelens installed a horizontal and vertical storage unit. This consists of an open shoe cabinet and a small mobile wardrobe which have optimized the space under the attic and created an interesting dynamic.

Optimizing storage and space

Before: As is the case in many houses, the room did not benefit from storage space. To rationalize the space without cluttering it and to avoid the proliferation of small standard furniture which tends to weigh down a room and lack functionality, it was necessary to find a storage solution which adapts to the volume of the room. After: In this small room, space is precious. To avoid wasting it, the trick found was to replace the original door with an airy beige curtain. To store the rest of the clothes, handbags and other accessories, the decorator has arranged a large closet closed by sliding doors. The panels, fitted with a mirror, made it possible to give depth to the room while visually enlarging the space. Ideal for browsing your wardrobe at a glance, inside the closet, a functional organization combines wardrobes and shelves. The incorporation of closed and open cupboards on two sides of the walls lighten the composition and also gives rhythm to this room which lacked character. In order not to overload the space, a classic armchair covered in black fabric, a cushion with psychedelic prints, a baroque mirror and a sheepskin rug bring the final touch to this chic and cozy decor at the same time. Sonia Saelens, Interior designer