Copper invites itself in the kitchen!

Copper invites itself in the kitchen!

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True star in our interiors for several months, copper is now making a remarkable entrance in our kitchens. The Premium brand of the Brandt France group, De Dietrich, has in fact imagined a multifunction oven, a wall hood and an induction hob dressed in this precious material for a warm and refined result. Presentation.

A multifunction oven

Thanks to two large copper bands that surround it, the De Dietrich multifunction oven adds elegance to its many assets. Completely high-tech, it has a high-resolution, interactive color touch screen allowing you to navigate menus easily and intuitively. The plus: thanks to its "Intelligent Cooking System" mode, it determines for itself the cooking mode, the time required as well as the ideal temperature depending on the dish you have put in the oven.

A wall hood

When design and performance combine, the copper wall hood by De Dietrich is born. Easy and quick to install, it also offers you simplified daily use. Its peripheral aspiration allows it to be very efficient while being silent regardless of the speed you have selected. We also let ourselves be seduced by its "timed stop" function which allows, a few minutes after the end of cooking, a total evacuation of the fumes in the kitchen.

An induction hob

With its fine copper border this white induction table is a real favorite! With this model, the pioneer of induction, offers two large independent cooking spaces that can be used both independently and simultaneously through 15 power levels. Ideal for cooking freely.
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