How to choose a towel radiator for the bathroom?

How to choose a towel radiator for the bathroom?

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Who has not dreamed of being greeted at the exit of the shower by large fluffy and all hot towels? For the fluffy towels, we do not know what to tell you but for the hot towels, we will say only one word: towel warmer. But how to find your way between the electric, water, mixed, blowing, radiant towel dryers? Fortunately, there is to help you choose the towel dryer you need!

Electric, water or mixed towel radiator?

There are several types of towel warmers: - the electric towel radiator : it works independently on the electrical network, it is light and easy to install; among electric towel dryers, the blowing towel radiator with a hot air flow and the radiant towel radiator has a silent resistance, the heat is gentle. The only downside of the electric towel radiator: it easily consumes electricity… - the hot water towel radiator : it is connected to your central heating. This solution has the advantage of providing constant warmth in the bathroom. It is both economical and practical. - the mixed towel radiator : it combines in its circuit an electric source and the connection to central heating. It thus draws its energy from the hot water network during the winter and from the electrical circuit for the rest of the year.

The Acova Plume towel dryer is available in both central heating and electric versions

What power for my towel dryer?

The ideal comfort temperature in a bathroom is considered to be around 24 ° C. To reach this temperature, you will have to choose a suitable device power. For this, everything will depend on the area of ​​your bathroom: count 100 watts per m² and add 30% to compensate for the absorption of heat by the towels. Thus, a bathroom of 9 m²: (9 x 100 watts) x 30% = 1200 watts. If your bathroom exceeds 15 m² - lucky! - it is recommended to install a second heat source; below, a towel warmer will be sufficient.

The Acova Nuage towel radiator is as light as its name: its 16 mm thickness makes it 3 times lighter than traditional radiators