The egg cup welcomes the Easter eggs

The egg cup welcomes the Easter eggs

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For Easter lunch, why not make an egg-themed meal? Here is a selection of egg cups to feast on but also decorate your table!

Easter eggs, a traditional dish

Easter is an opportunity to take out your egg cups and taste eggs. The tradition of the egg, symbol of fertility, probably comes from the prohibition to consume eggs during Lent. So on Easter day, we consumed the eggs that had accumulated during the previous period and we decorated those that were too old to be eaten. Tradition has it that bells leave for Rome and return the night before Easter to scatter chocolate eggs in the gardens. A ritual that enchants toddlers every year and that marks the arrival of spring at the same time!

Accessorize your table for Easter

Egg cups allow the egg to be placed vertically and to be tasted by the shell, keeping it whole in its shell. Besides the practical aspect of eating the egg, the egg cup can also be used as a table decoration. For Easter, natural or decorated eggs can simply be placed on a pretty base as a centerpiece! You can also install them in a nice basket that you will have previously filled with straw or moss, like a bird's nest. And the decor possibilities don't stop there! If you are skillful with your hands and do not fear delicate operations, empty your eggs by piercing the shell at both ends with a pin, before blowing gently through one of the two holes to evacuate the contents ( which you can use later to cook a number of dishes). An empty egg can be kept for several years when it is no longer in contact with the material it contains. Once this step is complete, the shells can be painted, embellished with a wire to be transformed into a suspension or a garland, or simply placed in a pretty transparent container to color your Easter meal!
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