Beautiful book: Flower inspirations

Beautiful book: Flower inspirations

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Whether you want to make the most beautiful bouquet yourself and give it to our adored grandma for grandmother's day, whether you are looking for inspiration for a bridal bouquet or whether you is just trying to "flower his daily life", we have found THE book you need: Flowery inspirations by Nessa Buonomo, just released by Eyrolles. For a first book, the one we may know better as the author of the blog The barefoot bride, Nessa Buonomo, whose real name is strong! Since we have Flowery inspirations (ed. Eyrolles) in our hands, the floral arrangements have no more secrets for us - well almost. "I like mixing universes, textures, smells, having fun with containers and colors," she told us from the introduction. "If the art of flower arrangement can intimidate more than one, creating pretty arrangements is within everyone's reach. Just let yourself be guided by the plants, their movements and their nuances." Easier said than done ? Fortunately, Nessa is there to guide us. This begins by teaching us the basics - what equipment to use? How to make your bouquets last? Special mention to a very very useful painting: "Each flower has its season". Thank goodness, the schedule for March is full: anemone, buttercup, orchid, jasmine, mimosa, camellia, aster, rose, tulip, etc.

Then, we enter the heart of the floral subject with some 30 decorations and compositions of fresh flowers, from the small delicate bouquet to the flowery colander, passing by this pretty round bouquet whose secret we share with you (for this, click on the 'image on the right below, you will discover all the explanations of Nessa.)

So many inspiring ideas that are not limited to bouquets, we discover a chair garland, a flowered ring or a recipe for cake with flowers… All illustrated by very beautiful photos by Chloé Lapeyssonie. Floral inspirations, 30 bouquets, decorations and accessories to make yourself , by Nessa Buonomo, photos by Chloé Lapeyssonie, 160 p., 22 € Last but not least, don't forget our contest to try to win 1 year of flowers with FloraQueen!