5 mistakes to avoid when making a false ceiling

5 mistakes to avoid when making a false ceiling

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Error # 1: sticking the plasterboard of a false ceiling

If you want make a false ceiling using plasterboard, it is imperative to screw each plate onto the furs (metal structures on which the plates will be fixed) rather than installing your suspended ceiling directly on the existing ceiling.

As such, when the frame is metallic, it is necessary to use so-called self-drilling screws, which will be spaced 30 centimeters from each other. It is of course necessary to complete the installation of these plasterboards by laying strips of joints.

Mistake # 2: depositing an excessively thick layer of insulation under PVC paneling boards

Although the PVC paneling is entirely suitable for making a false ceiling, care must be taken to deposit in the plenum (the free space between the suspended ceiling and the surface to which it is attached) a reasonable layer of insulation. Too many occasional do-it-yourselfers wishing to optimize the insulation of their home insist on the quantity of insulation… but this error can be expensive because over time, the excessive quantity of insulation will end up weighing on the PVC paneling boards, and make them bend. A deformation which will imperatively require their replacement ... so you might as well avoid this and not have too heavy a hand on the insulation!

Mistake # 3: installing a plasterboard false ceiling alone

Make a false ceiling in plasterboard requires the presence of at least two people. Indeed, if you install this type of false ceiling alone, you will first expose yourself to a risk of falling since it is necessary to work at height with bulky and heavy materials. Under these conditions, the work is unlikely to be carried out to perfection.

In addition, the fixing of the angles and the mounting of the rails on which the plates will be fixed can only be done with help.

As for mounting the plates, it implies at least the use of a plate lifter that can be rented in a store specializing in DIY.

Mistake n ° 4: skipping the treatment of a false ceiling in wood paneling

Even more if it is installed in a bathroom, particularly humid room, the wood paneling used for the false ceiling must be treated beforehand. To do this, you must use a quality product to protect the wood against the proliferation of fungi responsible for mold, which can cause serious health problems.

On the other hand, when making the false ceiling in wood paneling, care must be taken to promote air circulation by using metal or treated wood battens.

Error n ° 5: leave the screw heads bare and do not joint the plasterboard

When the plasterboard false ceiling is installed, it is essential to use a special coating to cover the screw heads and seal all the spaces between the plates. An operation which must be carried out meticulously and with care: the coating layer must be dense enough to smooth everything, but not create excessive thickness. Then let the plaster dry, then sand it down to obtain a completely flat surface. Without this operation, screw heads and gaps would be visible under the finish paint layer or under a wallpaper. The result would therefore not be up to expectations.