Tutorial: a retro magazine rack in wood and leather

Tutorial: a retro magazine rack in wood and leather

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No matter how much talk of the death of the written press has been announced, there will never be anything better than looking for your favorite magazine at your tobacconist, to devour it page by page, comfortably installed in a sofa. Today, we are going to a little more perpetuate this ritual by learning to make a retro magazine rack in wood and leather.


- two wooden boards 45 cm long, 20 cm wide and 2 cm thick - a wooden curtain rod 180 cm long and 20 mm in diameter - a piece of leather or synthetic fabric 90 cm long and 32 cm wide (double the width if you use synthetic) - a drill with a wood drill 20 mm in diameter - a jigsaw - a cutter - a mass - a tape measure - wood glue - a sewing machine (possibility of sewing by hand) - an abrasive sheet, 180 grains - a pencil Budget: about 30 € Duration: 3 hours


1. To begin, trace the contours of the magazine rack on the two wooden planks. Use a jar or cup to draw the rounds. Cut the two boards with a jigsaw and sand the corners.
2. Saw four 36 cm pieces into the wooden rod. These four pieces will be used to connect the two wooden boards previously cut. On the cut boards, place the marks of the holes 2 cm from the upper edges and 5 cm from the lower edges. Drill with the 20 mm diameter drill.
3. Prepare the leather piece by cutting two 17 cm squares at the two ends to create the two handles through which the rod pieces will pass. If you use beautiful leather, only one width is enough. On the other hand, if you use a synthetic as in our case, it is preferable to double the piece in order to obtain a better finish.
4. Stitch all along the edge and at the level of the passage of the two handles. Assemble all the elements by putting points of wood glue at the level of the four holes.


Your magazine rack is now complete. It will bring a vintage touch to your interior and allow you to have your magazines always at hand. Because in the end, there may be something even better than devouring a magazine: read it over and over again!
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