Should we stake for Christmas?

Should we stake for Christmas?

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By leafing through the various cookery magazines devoted to the Christmas meal, I noticed that no new trend was going to see the light of day and that we were moving towards everything that is traditional. Suffice to say that you will not cut the famous Yule log for dessert! Having lost as an adult all the magic of Christmas, I know that to avoid getting caught in the log while making his log, it will be necessary to work faster than 7 dwarfs together and with adequate material if we do not want to finish the head on the chopping block.

What material for the log?

No need for a saw or a chainsaw (unless the log is really missed), we tend to cook utensils intended to give the illusion that we would have bought our dessert from the local pastry chef. What is more, we will thus avoid going out of our homes and therefore curdling Michalak . So here, ideally, what you need for the ideal log: 1. A baking sheet To bake your sponge cake, not a resident of Genoa but your cookie, you absolutely need a baking sheet large enough for it to roll up but not too large for it to still fit in your oven. If you haven't had the chance to have a baking sheet delivered with your oven, we have a baking sheet, preferably non-stick. It is better to move towards a hard and not flexible plate, to avoid accidents when entering or leaving the oven.
For example, Tefal's Airbake baking tray 2. The pastry horn I am not talking to you about the antlers of the deer but about a utensil which allows you to spread your sponge cake without false note. Of course, you can always use a large spatula but at the show-off level, the pastry horn throws a max. And baking, when you like it, you don't Conticini not !
Example, Debuyer's pastry horn 3. The log gutter Let us come to the delicate operation which is the log rolling. You can also choose to take transparent film to allow the cookie to remain rolled while setting, but it is still much easier to use a gutter that will mold your cookie properly. With the transparent film, you have toHermé patience while there, no. There are all sizes and even different shapes (eg triangular).
For example, the Lacor log gutter

Option I cheat

If you don't want to bother with too long and perilous operations that would give you a headache and force you to take an alka Felder , take the option I cheat in particular with the Christmas log mold from Nordic Ware. This perfectly imitates the log but it allows the cookie to be replaced by a cake. It will only remain to camouflage the result under a subtle frosting, a cream or a ganache.
For example, the Nordic Ware mold for a false log

Option I'm already drunk

Just the idea of ​​having to look for all these utensils, are you almost in a stroke? And you prefer to do several parts ofAndrieu Birds instead of running right and left to find equipment worthy of the name. I understand you. With this in mind, I suggest you go directly to the Christmas log kit that Lékué designed. It consists of a silicone oven mat, a pastry horn and a decopen with two smooth sockets.
For example, the Lékué roll cake kit So, ready to burn for Christmas?