Givebox: design and good deed

Givebox: design and good deed

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We already found them in Quebec, Germany or England, the Givebox arrives in France, and more precisely in Lyon thanks to the designer Lisa Lejeune, the graphic designer Magali Seghetto and a group of students from the school of applied arts of Conde. You have never read this book on the peasant knights of the year 1000 at Lake Paladru that you were offered. You are wailing to see all these useless objects gathering dust in your home. Better than the recycling center, there is the Give box. But what is a Givebox? The device is already very present in Quebec, Germany or England: it is a box, a wardrobe or a hut so that allows everyone to donate and / or exchange objects, whatever that they are. A great civic gesture that appealed to designer Lisa Lejeune and graphic designer Magali Seghetto, both from Lyon and living in the 7th arrondissement. What could be more natural than installing this Givebox in their neighborhood? With a group of BTS (product design and graphic design) students from the Condé school of applied arts, they launched a Givebox workshop at the Factatory. For five days, they designed and then manufactured their Givebox which they installed at Place Jules Guesde.

"As a designer and graphic designer, we are concerned with developing our profession and really inserting it into this new mode of production and consumption, in a word, in this new turning point that the world economy is taking today ... in the third economic era of which the economist Jérémy Rifkin talks to us in his very recent book "The New Society of Zero Marginal Cost", explain Magali Seghetto and Lisa Lejeune. With this Givebox, they tend to set up what Jérémy Rifkin calls "collaborative commons", a new form of social organization based on the interest of the community. You can drop / swap / take whatever you want in the Givebox installed at Place Jules Guesde (Lyon 7th) until December 31 .