The robot spider vacuum cleaner, the essential household ally for small spaces

The robot spider vacuum cleaner, the essential household ally for small spaces

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The Spider robot vacuum cleaner is aptly named because, like a spider, it will sneak around to track down any dust. Adapted to all surfaces and especially to small spaces, the robot will be your household partner. accompanies you to take you in the web of this famous robot vacuum cleaner Spider.

How it works ?

In a single gesture, the vacuum cleaner starts to attack your household. Its very long rotating brushes allow it to collect dust everywhere as well as in every nook and cranny. The robot vacuum cleaner has three preprogrammed cleaning modes for effective cleaning: - random - circular - perimeter

A robot goes everywhere

Adapted to all types of interior but more particularly to smaller spaces, it has an autonomy of 1 hour to do its housework. Thanks to its 7cm high, it will sneak everywhere and is easy to store. This clever Spider robot does not play stuntmen since it has a vacuum sensor, which allows it to move without risk of falling. It is the students who risk succumbing so that he takes care of the cleaning for them!
The good news is that you will be able to have the Spider robot vacuum cleaner (M607) from Dirt Devil by your side from November in specialized supermarkets or on the internet at the recommended retail price of € 199.