All about underfloor heating

All about underfloor heating

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Like a large radiator that covers the entire floor, the heated floor that has long been criticized is now experiencing renewed interest. Technical progress and new sources of energy make it a very comfortable and perfectly secure heating system. Find more articles on the theme: Quote heating works

The floor heating with hot water

The principle of this floor is based on a network of tubes installed in a loop like a snail, resting on a thermal insulator. These tubes are covered with plates nested one inside the other offering excellent resistance to crushing. Above is poured a concrete slab which will be covered with a floor covering. There are also reversible floors or heating-cooling floors that use hot water in winter and cold water in summer. They are generally associated with a heat pump. The water circulating in the network of tubes can be heated via various energy production systems (natural gas, electricity, heat pumps, solar, fresh energy, etc.). The surface temperature of the floor varies between 21 and 28 ° C. Expensive to buy, such equipment is profitable to use. The important works due to its installation recommend it rather in new constructions or major renovations. With this type of heating you can install: - Tiles, sandstone, terracotta, porcelain stoneware, reconstituted stone or natural stone which ensures excellent heat conduction. - Laminate of approximately 6 to 10 mm subject to compatibility. - Parquet (excluding floating laying) up to 15 mm thick. Unless otherwise stated, carpet, PVC and vinyl floors should be avoided.

The electric radiation floor

Easier to install than hydraulic heating, this type of floor is more particularly recommended for renovations. This heating system is composed of a heating cable distributed over the entire floor area placed on a high density insulation to separate the cable from the frame and direct the heat to the surface. A concrete screed between 4 and 5 cm maximum is then poured on this installation. The floor diffuses a gentle heat below 28 ° C emitted by radiation, distributed uniformly in the room and propagated on the walls, objects and occupants. It is sold as a complete kit and remains simple to install. Heating by electric radiation is compatible with most coverings (tiling, parquet, laminate or carpet depending on the model).

Why choose underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is beneficial for health: Unlike old installations, this heater now works with a temperature below 28 ° C and has no adverse effects on the blood circulation. It removes moisture from the walls without drying the air. It limits the movement of dust and the proliferation of mites. Floor heating is economical: Floor heating adapts to all heating devices and energy production systems (natural gas, electricity, heat pumps, solar, fresh energy, etc.). Floor heating is beneficial for the environment: The heating temperature reduces your energy expenditure by around 15% compared to a conventional radiator for an identical feeling. Compatible with solar and geothermal energy, underfloor heating can be heated with free, renewable and clean energy. The underfloor heating is aesthetic: Simply because they are invisible, the floor heating devices allow an appreciable saving of space. You can give free rein to your decorating desires.