The wine fountain that does not take up space

The wine fountain that does not take up space

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The wine fountain is often seen as an imposing object, which we do not really know where to place in the kitchen. It is therefore regularly stored in inaccessible places, or simply relegated to the cellar! To remedy this dilemma, the Wine + brand has imagined a designer and ergonomic fountain that stores easily in the refrigerator door. Explanations.

Swedish design

Cubi is the first form of wine consumption in the Nordic countries, concerned with preserving the environment: large formats are widely preferred to bottles which must be recycled later. It is therefore quite natural that Wine server, the latest in the world of bag-in-box wine service, was designed in Sweden! Its lines have been worked so that it can slip into the refrigerator door while leaving space for other drinks. Its sober colors and its futuristic look make it a decorative object that is pleasant to handle on a daily basis, far from the slightly outdated cardboard cubis.

Optimized handling

Wine Server is the first container in the world of wine in cubi which works without any manipulation, both horizontally and vertically. Defying gravity, there is no need to lift it or tilt it to serve the wine, as is traditionally done for a traditional cubi. Fans will also appreciate its integrated cooling element, which keeps the drink cool for several hours. To treat yourself to a little pleasure in anticipation of the summer, head to the online store aroundduvin.fr where you will find it at a price of € 64.90!