How to maintain terracotta pots?

How to maintain terracotta pots?

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How to choose my terracotta pots?

A terracotta flowerpot should be as natural as possible. If you choose painted or varnished models, they will be too airtight to ensure the good health of the plants. On the other hand, you can turn to sculpted or brushed pots.

What should I do before putting my plants in my terracotta pots?

The new ones terracotta pots cannot receive plants. They must soak for 48 hours in water. Favor therainwater, it is natural and free. Once you have soaked your pots, do not dry them leave them in the open air. Once your terracotta pots are dry, make your plantations !

Can I collect terracotta pots?

Of course ! However, you will need to disinfect. The terracotta pots can be a nest at bacteria or the home of many insects. To do this, usebleach. Soak your pots in bleach and then remove all residue using a sponge or brush. Rinse your jars several times to get rid of all the bleach, then allow them to air dry.

How do I get rid of dirt on and in my terracotta pots?

You must use a brush, quite simply. Brush your terracotta pots, soak them and then brush them again. Repeat this gesture as many times as necessary. To soften the dirt, prefer lukewarm water. Also allow your pots to dry after you have finished brushing them with water.

Is it possible to clean the outside of the terracotta pots?

If you do not want to plant your plants, then you must limit yourself in the maintenance of pots. Use a brush or sponge and water. Therainwater is once again to be preferred. If your terracotta pots have white spots, be aware that these are due to limestone… No tap water or well, in short. To remove traces of lime, use natural products such as white vinegar or lemon. Then rinse with clear water and allow to dryoutdoors.

How to limit the deposit of limestone on my terracotta pots?

Over time, terracotta pots are covered with limestone plaques on the outside. To avoid such a problem, remember, you just have to swap the tap water usually used forspray by somerainwater, much less limestone. Your pots will be damaged less quickly.

Should I move my clay pots during the winter?

Yes ! The terracotta pots unglazed are fragile jars that can break at the slightest shock. Moderately resistant to gel, they can also burst due to cold too intense and brutal. To avoid this phenomenon, move your pots in winter and install them near a wall (less gel) or better, in a tight waiting for the arrival of spring!

What plant or flower should I plant in my terracotta pot?

Like everything flowerpot, the size of a terracotta pot is chosen according to the size of the plant it will contain. Find out about the root needs of the plant in question, and choose the depth or height of the matching terracotta pot. Generally, the height of the pot should be equivalent to one third of the size of the plant. For example, a 10 cm deep pot is suitable for a adult plant 30 cm; a 50 cm pot is suitable for an adult plant of 1.50 m. Please note that after a few years, you can obviously repot a plant that has developed strongly in a larger pot ... always after having cleaned it well and allowed it to dry.

I really can't fall for decorated pots?

Yes, but terracotta pots are better ! If you want painted pots, choose what you want. A painted porcelain pot has the same functions as a painted terracotta pot. Know that you can oil your flower pots to give them a little shine and sublimate them.