Review of the Riviera & Bar QD 574 A digital stainless steel fryer

Review of the Riviera & Bar QD 574 A digital stainless steel fryer

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Just because all women's magazines suggest we lose three pounds before summer does not mean that I will refuse to test a fryer. With Riviera & Bar, in recent weeks I have been able to use their very latest stainless steel and digital fryer, a fryer that focuses on ease of use and efficient temperature control. Here is a test to highlight in bold!

There is no frying without oil

The coincidence of the calendar wanted that at the same time I was in possession of an oil-free fryer, so I was able to knowingly compare the two devices. I will come back in another article on the benefits of an oil-free fryer but, as far as taste and only taste, I chose my side. The other essential difference lies in the cooking possibilities: only a "classic" fryer can make donuts for example. As soon as the preparation is a little liquid, it can only be cooked with a fryer with oil. Obviously there will be frying on our line (which is risky only a month before the holidays).

The demanding good friend

The fryer is not the easiest friend there is and on that side we understand why some people have been tempted by oil-free fryers. First there is the question of maintenance with an oil which must be filtered every 2 to 5 uses which means transferring the oil from the fryer into a bucket through a Chinese or colander, washing then put the oil back in the fryer. Not very stewing operations but nevertheless essential if we want to keep a healthy frying oil. In the instructions for use of the Riviera & Bar, it is advisable to filter the oil after each use and store it in a bottle protected from heat and light. But it's when you get rid of the frying oil that you can really regret putting your finger on it. Frying oil should neither be spilled in sinks nor thrown in the trash. The only solution for the individual is therefore to deposit it in a recycling center by ensuring in advance the conditions of recovery in the recycling center of the municipality. At home it is for example specified that the deposit of oil is limited to three liters per contribution, not very practical when you have a fryer with a capacity of four liters.

The test with the apple dauphine recipe

To show the video of the use of this fryer, KitchAnne was kind enough to join me in the kitchen to introduce me to the making of dauphine potatoes.

The strong points

- Preset temperatures. Even if I don't necessarily use the programs for time, I find it very practical to quickly select temperatures with a single button. The fryer then indicates when it reached the desired temperature, unfortunately too discreetly (see weak points). - Intuitive use. When I received the fryer, it was missing the user manual because it was a prototype. Even if I asked to receive the manual afterwards, it turned out to be almost useless because the use of the fryer is intuitive thanks to its main button and its digital screen which gives you all the indications.

The weak spots

- Lack of signal. As I pointed out in strengths, the interest of this frying is to tell us when it reached the desired temperature, however we would have liked an audible indicator to be notified of the end of the heating period. It is indeed necessary to look at the digital screen: the indicator is the word "heater" which disappears as well as the temperature indicated. So keep an eye on your fryer to see if it's ready or not. - A timer not so useful. To choose, I would have preferred to have this sound indication rather than the possibility of having a timer which also also lacks sound indications. If the heating time does not seem to me that useful, that is because in general the cooking times in a fryer are very short and that the best indicator of cooking is still the human eye. Result: I never start the timer, preferring to trust my senses and all the more that by selecting the timer, the fryer stops once the time has elapsed. The video test of the Riviera & Bar QD 574 A fryer Riviera & Bar, Digital stainless steel fryer, QD 574 A, around 180 €