Our tips for buying a rose

Our tips for buying a rose

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Roses are very popular shrubs. They are beautiful, flowery and there is a wide variety. Whether you have a balcony or a garden, whether you live in the city, in the countryside or by the sea, you can have roses. How to choose your roses? This is what we are going to explain to you today with the help of Sylvie who works at Gamm vert.

How to choose a rose well?

The rose bush is an incredible shrub, you can do almost anything you want with it. To choose it well, you must know its future use. Will it be in a pot or in the heart of the garden? Would you like a classic rose or a climbing rose? What size of flowers? What color ? It is the environment that will determine the type of roses to favor.

Which rose to favor for the garden?

The rose is synonymous with elegance, it is the ideal plant to create a classic garden. If your roses are in the heart of the garden, opt for classic plants. They have the shape of a shrub and their flowers are located on the branches. They are called bush roses or stem roses. If you want to design your walkways or flowerbeds, opt for bush roses with grouped flowers or so-called ground cover roses. Their flowers are located lower, they are also smaller and more numerous.

Which rose to choose to decorate a balcony?

If you want roses in pots, you should prefer miniature roses. They are very elegant and particularly suitable for small spaces. If you have room and the possibility of putting bins, we recommend English roses. They are very noble, very flowery and above all very fragrant. They create an incomparable atmosphere on your small outdoor spaces.

Which rose to choose to dress a wall or a structure?

To decorate a wall, a pergola or an arch, favor the lianas or climbing roses. These must be placed on stakes to control their growth and the direction of the branches.

How to recognize a quality rose?

Choosing a quality rose bush is choosing a healthy plant. When you buy your rose, make sure that the growth is started. The leaves should be a deep green and firm. There should be no stains, holes or tears. Watch out for aphids and above all do not take dusty roses.

Any last advice?

Choose the rose that you like the most, whether you like small flowers or larger ones, the scent, the red or white color, you will find your happiness. Depending on the type of rose chosen, you will just have to maintain it differently. Keep in mind that roses do not like the cold and they need to be pruned. For the rest, the garden center advisers will explain the care to be taken.