Concrete staircase: how to clean and maintain it?

Concrete staircase: how to clean and maintain it?

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Over time, concrete stairs tend to clog, crumble, and can even, if you are not careful, become stained. To maintain their good effect, it is therefore important to maintain them regularly. To help you in this not always obvious task, the editorial team invites you to discover its advice and tips for cleaning and maintenance in the rules of the art of your concrete staircase. Discovery!

Dust your concrete staircase

The first step will be to sweep the steps of your staircase. For this, take a broom with dusting wipes or a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle fitted with a special brush for hard and sensitive floors.
This step done, clean your concrete staircase with a brush impregnated with water, added with detergent or bicarbonate. Warning, never use ammonia or soda or acid products, otherwise the protective layer on your staircase will fall apart.

Fill in the holes and cracks present

If the small cracks do not necessarily deserve to be filled, it is however essential, even necessary, to fill the larger ones, it is your safety!
To do this, using a mallet, make a hole of one or two centimeters deep around the exposed holes and then brush each of the areas to remove dust and accumulated debris. Then moisten them with a sponge, apply the primer and wait for it to dry. Fill your holes with a trowel and smoothing mortar then smooth it all with the help of a trowel. Finally, cover the repaired areas with a polyane sheet. You just have to wait a few days before removing them!

Remove stubborn stains on your concrete staircase

Your concrete staircase has resistant stains, don't panic! There are solutions that will allow you to give your staircase a boost. Be aware, however, that most stains can be removed with a brush covered with scouring powder. Do not forget to rinse your staircase thoroughly.
Ink, mud or rust stains will deserve a different cleaning. Note that stain removal should preferably be carried out on fresh stains and will always be followed by rinsing with clear water. -Mud stain: the mud is dry and encrusted? Brush your steps using a broom brush dampened with water sprinkled with baking soda. Rinse thoroughly. -Ink or rust stain: soak your brush in a 10% solution of oxalic acid and then rub. Remember to rinse to remove all residue. -Blood stain : pass a brush sprinkled with washing powder then rinse with a sponge soaked in water.