A facelift in my industrial style decor for less than 200 euros

A facelift in my industrial style decor for less than 200 euros

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The industrial style is emulated in decoration. Raw furniture, sanded wood, black color evoke the factory furniture of the last century and are as many decorative details that instill this spirit also called factory. In vogue for a few years, we can give it a boost by bringing a little courage and a few well chosen pieces. Forward!

Change suspension: 25.49 euros

Change your pendant light in favor of a large lampshade with a steel effect reminiscent of those used in factories. With a XXL diameter, this fixture will showcase your factory style decor.

Arrange colored metal chairs: 39.90 euros

The industrial style can appear austere with all its gray colors. So to brighten it up, prefer colored metal chairs. Yellow, red, green sublimate and awaken the style. A stool as a seat or end of the sofa is enough!

Hang a wall lamp: 99.90 euros

Play the game to the end and hang a vintage letter or sign on the wall. Preferably decorated with small discreet bulbs to highlight it, it illuminates your interior and gives a real boost to your decor.

Comb some furniture in black: 30 euros per can of paint

The industrial style gives pride of place to natural materials enhanced with black which recall the industrial era. For this, no need to spend too much, just sand an old table or a wooden shelf to reveal the raw wood and paint the feet or the structure in black to bring the industrial touch.