Tuto kids: a candy tube bracelet!

Tuto kids: a candy tube bracelet!

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An original gift wrap, a scoubidou bottle or an ephemeral ring, so many original creations available for download on the Sanglota blog! Behind these cool ideas hides Alice, a talented artistic director from Paris. Today, it is for a candy bracelet tutorial that they are found, a very simple idea that will appeal to all food lovers, young and old!


You will need: - a 5mm diameter "crystal" pipe - a 8mm "crystal" pipe - scissors - liquid glue - "multicolored pearls" candies (to decorate cakes) - a small piece of paper , which will be used as a funnel to fill the tube with beads


1. Wrap the 5mm diameter hose around your wrist to estimate the necessary length (you must be able to put on and take off the bracelet once closed). Then cut it to this length. 2. Cut 1cm of the 8mm diameter pipe, which will serve as a closure for the bracelet. 3. Stick a piece of adhesive to one end of the thinner pipe so that you can fill it up quietly. 4. Roll up the piece of paper in a cone to make a mini funnel that will seem like you are filling the tube with candy. 5. Put a little glue on the end and slide the piece of 1cm of the 8mm diameter pipe into it, until the middle (that is to say 0.5cm). 6. Remove the piece of adhesive tape and, using glue, attach the bracelet.


And There you go ! A cheerful and gourmet bracelet that little ones will love! You can also fill the bracelet with glitter, pearls, a drop of news: 739845 fabric, whatever you want!
Thanks to Alice for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your tube bracelets on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!