What indoor plants can thrive in the shade?

What indoor plants can thrive in the shade?

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Indoor plants, light and shade

Contrary to what one might think, the house plants do not all have the same light needs. Some of them can therefore quite please and flourish in dimly lit rooms, even very dark.

Whether it's green plants orindoor flowering plants, the shade-loving plants are also ideal for bringing a touch of life and color where the light is not very present. So it would be a shame to give up their beauty!

Can a houseplant flower if it lacks clarity?

Even if a majority of flowers and plants need to be planted or grown in a sunny place to grow, some bloom best in a dimly lit room!

This is for example the case with many tropical plants native to the forests of South America: as they grow in very dense vegetation and where the light is difficult to pass, they need conditions close to their natural environment to grow and enjoy an abundant flowering. This means that even when located in a dark area, they are not likely to wither!

Indoor plants for dark places: plants far from fragile

Good news: indoor plants that love shade are much less fragile than sun lovers! Indeed, these plants are even renowned (and appreciated!) For their robustness: indoor plants fans of shade are therefore particularly well suited to people who do not necessarily have a green thumb… or who must regularly be absent from at her's.

Because in addition to asking for little sun, these plants are quite numerous to have little needs for watering and fertilizing. What more ?

Is it possible to install a plant in total darkness?

Remember one thing: if you want to install indoor plants in a dark room and without any light source at the base, you will automatically have to install an artificial lighting system so that it can flourish.

Indeed, in general, any plant, even if it appreciates the shade, needs a minimum of light to live. Indirect light or soft light may suffice.

Top 10 shade-loving indoor plants

If you have a poorly lit or poorly lit interior but still want to decorate it with plants, here are the plants or flowers to choose:

  1. The spathiphyllum, a tropical plant native to South America which flowers all year round and which, in addition, is depolluting.
  2. The dieffenbachia, a plant with very decorative spotted leaves.
  3. The fatsia japonica, a plant that requires little light and should only be watered when its root ball is dry.
  4. The succulents are also strongly recommended to decorate a poorly lit room.
  5. The yucca supports dry and dark atmospheres quite well.
  6. The indoor azaleas and the calathea appreciate places with little light provided that their substrate is always a little humid.
  7. The hoof of Venus, a variety of orchid, likes to take the air in summer to flower better in winter.
  8. The fern, which can be placed in a fairly dark bathroom (but it will still need two hours of daylight daily).
  9. The ivy, very decorative and which grows almost without maintenance.
  10. The hemp palm, which contrary to popular belief does not need a lot of light to develop its magnificent fins.

Without forgetting: the cyclamen, theaucuba, the spurge…