The advantages of swing shutters

The advantages of swing shutters

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Considered in the past as less practical than roller shutters, swing shutters have gradually been swept away from our modern homes. And yet, they are coming back today more beautifully, because of their charm, their longevity and even… their practicality! New materials exist and modernize their woody appearance. presents the six major advantages of casement shutters to help you make the best choice for your window closing system.

An aesthetic choice

No unsightly trunk, colors in keeping with the rest of the house: the shutters have absolutely nothing to envy to their competitors in terms of aesthetics. They bring charm and are fully part of the exterior decoration of a habitat, whether it is to enhance the authentic character of old stones or to dress a modern and rectilinear structure.

Resistant and maintenance-free shutters

Particularly resistant to time, the swinging shutters have the advantage of lasting and not having the drawbacks of the rolling mechanisms, which seize up or break. For minimum maintenance and wear, choose an aluminum model. PVC, for small budgets, is a wise choice because rot-proof and therefore durable. Finally, for those who favor aesthetics, know that the wooden shutters require more frequent maintenance but that there are aluminum imitation wood shutters, both light, tough and resistant.

Shutters suitable for all uses

The swing shutters are today suitable for all uses. A simple kit with remote control or box (depending on the model) is enough to make them motorized so that you no longer have to choose between comfort and aesthetics. This will allow you not to have to open the window to close the shutters, especially in bad weather. Manual closing, efficient and without risk of breakdown, is an economical solution.

An ideal choice for contemporary homes

Modern houses, whether architect or not, can also be adorned with swinging shutters. In aluminum, anthracites for example, they will bring real accessorization to the walls while maintaining a refined and contemporary style. Many colors are offered for sale, ranging from classics to the most current shades.

An economical solution

If the prices vary according to the quality of the materials, the finishes and of course the options of motorization, the classic panels are found at a good price on the market. We will then choose a fir tree model, to paint for a personalized decoration or to use raw to bring a "chalet" spirit to your home.

Good insulation

Swing shutters are an excellent means of sound and thermal insulation of your exterior openings. The wooden models are very efficient: they are particularly recommended to preserve the freshness of your interior in summer and are appreciated as a louvered version in hot regions. PVC provides good insulation at a lower cost. Finally, aluminum will allow you to fight against noise and cold, by preferring if possible the models equipped with a thermal break system to keep the heat well.