How to give my bathroom a facelift with new linens

How to give my bathroom a facelift with new linens

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The bathroom is certainly one of the most expensive rooms - along with the kitchen - to redo. If yours is in excellent condition but you find it a bit old or just want to change, there are simple and inexpensive solutions. The most practical is simply to change your linen.

Choose your new style

Before you embark on a series of compulsive purchases, take the time to think about the style you want to give your bathroom. If it is very soberly white, why not add to it, as in the image, pretty colorful touches? Conversely, an already very colorful bathroom will become more classic if you opt for linen with very sober colors.

Bet on originality

Why not opt ​​for an original decoration? Travel in your shower with a jungle print curtain from H&M Home (€ 24.99). For a beach and relaxation spirit, opt for the bath mat and shower curtain dotted with pebbles from La Redoute Interiors. The original possibilities are endless, let your imagination run wild.

Coordinate the different elements

Easy as pie: consider buying sheets and towels that coordinate easily with your new shower curtain like the bath mat. Everything must also be in keeping with the new style you decided on before you go shopping.

Opt for small brands

Do not spend a fortune to change the decoration of your bathroom. The whole point of a makeover with new bathroom linen is that it is inexpensive. IKEA, Zara Home, H&M Home and La Redoute, for example, all offer a selection of bath rugs, towels and shower curtains at affordable prices.