New plants and flowers for your garden in 2016

New plants and flowers for your garden in 2016

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Each year, the nurseries present their customers with the plant innovations developed by the 'breeders'. In the fall of 2015, the new catalogs were validated, and the new cultivars will soon be revealed over the seasons, at the head of the gondola of your favorite retailer! Here are a few examples of those that you may discover in a few weeks or months. The year 2016 promises to be rich in innovations: the creators of new plants and flowers are constantly working, in fact, to offer on the market variations and inventions that satisfy everyone's taste, original and allowing real plant progress . These creators are called 'Breeders': present all over the world, they are professionals who crossbreed, hybridize, experiment, selections… In short, magicians! "Several research programs are launched each year around the world, explains Laurent Foucault, product manager for 'Flower Market' in Jardiland: cut flowers, outdoor or indoor plants, fruits and vegetables ... they are all presented in June at Flower Trials, Holland and Germany, each merchant then makes their selection according to customer requests and their own favorites. " At the Flower Trials show, this year, the Fleuroselect competition for the best innovation crowned the 'Night Sky' petunia, midnight blue color with white dots. It is therefore the FleuroStar 2016.

New varieties of plants: why?

The main areas of research are aimed at improving the flowering time of plants, their keeping in store and their success and ease of success with the customer, whether in pots or in the ground; without forgetting their aesthetics, both in terms of their format, their shapes and their colors. "I find it interesting and even necessary to be interested in new varieties of plants, says landscape designer Serge Bollard. We are looking for new products that bring something different to our customers, and above all a total success - that's Most important ". Michaël Le Bret, head of collections on the site adds: "We are also looking for plant species which can be cultivated everywhere in France, therefore resistant, and which are improvements of those we already know". Laurent Foucault, for Jardiland, adds: "We are also looking for a lot of presentations of different plants ... for example we have made cultures of clematis in suspension, or of lemons 'Caviar', which will also be new in 2016". The 'Caviar' lemon, very decorative and interesting from a culinary point of view, is ideal for terraces or verandas, everywhere in France. Once the new products to market have been defined, these resellers work with producers or seek new horticulturalists to produce them according to the needs of their customers. Here is a selection of new cultivars for 2016. Of course the list is not exhaustive, which means that you can, in different stores, also play detective to make other discoveries. "Between pure novelties and variety improvements, there is indeed a wide range of discoveries", underlines Laurent Foucault from Jardiland.

New trees & shrubs

Landscaper Serge Bollard has already spotted the buddleia 'butterfly tree', of which there are now new very dwarf varieties like the Blue Chip®: it only reaches 1.20 meters as an adult compared to 3 meters for the classic version. Also the buddleia Lilac Blue® with a creeping habit. Or the weigelia, this ordinary plant whose Pink Poppet® variety with a 60 cm dwarf habit in adulthood is much more exciting: it flowers much longer and lives well in rock gardens. Other dwarf novelties, the abélia kaleidoscope with very decorative leaves, the Berberis Tiny Gold® or the Golden Rocket in columnar form; also the photinia Little Red Robin® and the weigelia All Summer Red®, which flowers red and for a long time. Among the conifers, we celebrate the novelties since they are trees that experience a slight loss of speed after being very trendy. Dwarf pines and yew trees do not require pruning and are very resistant to diseases: "The coniferous tree 'Microbiota decussata', says Serge Bollard, is unknown but superb! It turns red in the fall and is very resistant". In another category, he also selects the creeping cedar Feeling Blue®, whose blue foliage is very original. Or escallonia, "this evergreen shrub that blooms pink, is of little interest in its classic version; it is its color variation, the cultivar Pink Elle® with compact habit and beautiful dark pink flowers, that makes it interesting. " Jean Pouillard, of the Globe Planter website, announces: "We are going to release next summer the hibiscus moscheutos Carrousel® series, which measure at adult size 60 cm, and make very large flowers with black foliage: superb!"

Michaël Le Bret of has selected the Blue Muffin® viburnum, which produces small fruits that look like blueberries (but are not edible). At Jardiland, we are also announcing for spring a shrubby plant called 'Galvezia speciosa' which looks like a sage with a tubular flower, in bright red tones and very resistant. In parallel, significant research work is being carried out on compact varieties of palm trees which can adapt to the balcony-terrace market, such as chamaerops humilis Vulcano®, Etna Star® or Compacta®. Finally, the specialist announces the Black Tulip® magnolia, which began to be marketed drop by drop in 2015, and which will be more widely distributed in 2016. As well as hydrangeas…

Focus on hydrangeas

Hydrangeas, the varieties already so numerous, also continue to expand their family of new splendors; it must be said that they are highly sought after for their graphics, their generous and long flowering, like one of the last well-known new products, the Magical® Four Season - flowers more than 150 days a year!
The latest innovations in this area are the White Diamond® hydrangea paniculata with white flowers, and the Pinky Winky®. Michaël Le Bret also introduces the Wedding Gown® with flat and double flowers in the shape of stars, and the Blueberry Cheesecake® which gives blue-mauve flat flowers as well as the Bloomstar, from the Endless Summer® series, which flowers up to in November in a pink-raspberry and white version.

The new perennials

"Delospermas are THE big news and trend in 2016 in this category, says Jean Pouillard of Globe Planter. Resistant to frost, they also offer a wide range of colors. The Wheels of Wonder® range is a best of this year" .
Ditto for the bidens, whose new orange color is being tested, or the bidens Beedance® or Painted Red®, at Jardiland exclusively. Third on the podium of the essentials to come, the anemones of Japan; Dreaming Swan® and Dainty Swan®, improvements to the Wild Swan® that grow in partial shade and whose originality lies in the color of the petals: white front and pink back!

Also announced among perennials, the new lagerstroemia With Love®, with a more compact appearance and better resistance to cold - for flowering possible even in the north of France when it is usually a light-hungry plant.

At Globe Planter, we also highlight the Pillow® carnation in two shades of purple and red (small carnations with very rising flowers which bloom all season from April to October). At, we offer dwarf phlox paniculata for bedding, Dreamland® and Rise and Shine® geraniums with zebra flowers, Madeline sage which makes two-tone blue and white flowers and Ember's Wish® bushy sage which, adapted for large containers, produces beautiful 80 cm balls of a pretty coral orange color.

Also available soon, the loosestrife 'Blush' (lythrum 'Blush') with lighter flowers, which flowers earlier than the others and which is well suited to small gardens, as well as the senecio polyodon: "It is a wild plant that almost nobody knows, whose candy pink flowers are very beautiful! It is sown and naturalizes in the garden. "

"I also name the petunia Blueberry Star®, continues Pierre Byache of, whose blue with a white star is superb; for pots, planters and suspensions, it is very resistant, flowers quickly and drops from its container as and As the summer progresses, also the Illumination Flame® digiplexis: this is a crossing that botanists thought impossible! Between purple forest fox and Canarian foxglove, between biennial and bushy perennial, it gives a species of very beautiful creature, a summer plant for large pots and beds, with long spikes going up all summer long. Finally, its color is spectacular: each flower is tubulated, its throat being apricot and the outside pink. "

The rose, perennial apart ...

As with hydrangeas, roses regularly display many new products and varieties ... This year, we note the arrival of the 'origami rose' at Meilland (also called 'star rose'), the Lambert Wilson rose unveiled at the last edition of the salon Jardins, Jardin in Paris, and the series of Parfuma roses, whose specificity is, for the first time, to be fragrant and disease-resistant.

New flower bulbs

In 2015, the Label Rouge dahlia marked the innovations - exactly 10 new dahlias (Blankass®, Candy Eyes®, Daniel A®, Domaine de Chaumont sur Loire®, Feu du Soleil®, Hepken®, Knock Out ®, Lady Wordsmith®, Noir Désir® and Pampa®).

"The dahlia is a plant that we will rediscover in the coming years, confirms landscaper Serge Bollard, because it corresponds to what people are looking for, it is resistant and flowers in summer ... a plant from the countryside to adapt to city dwellers who do not leave in August! ".

This year again, "we will have at Jardiland new dahlias, exclusively for Europe, announces Laurent Foucault. The Kelsey Annie Joy® for example, which is melliferous and has a different coloring, yellow or orange petals lined with another petal pink on top; Verrone's Obsidian®, which stands out for its different shape with black petals in the shape of small triangles and with a yellow center; or the Picotée® buttercup.

Finally, in the wide range of arums, soon on the shelves, and exclusively at Jardiland: Prince Amaël® (for the second year), with longer flowering and foliage spotted with white; Flamingo® arum with pink flowers; Green Goddess® arum, with two-tone white and green flowers; and Diamant® arum with large white flowers.

Organic plants too!

It is already on our plates, it is arriving in our interiors: Botanic has just started to market, since the end of 2015, the first phalaenopsis orchid stamped organic, with white or purple flowers. To cultivate in organic soil also!

New in the vegetable patch

Research on new, resistant and gustatory varieties is particularly fascinating in the vegetable patch. During the summer of 2016, you will be able to taste Heartbreakers Dora F1® cherry tomatoes in the shape of a heart, Green Envy® with small green and elongated fruits; or Baby Cauliflower® cauliflowers in pots: the size of a small apple, they are suitable for balconies / terraces and vegetable plots. Or another multi-headed cauliflower, the Multi-Head F1®. "In addition, the arrival of sweet potatoes is a great innovation, underlines Pierre Byache of Originally from the hot regions of the United States, it will now be possible to cultivate them in France." Among fruits and aromatics , we are impatiently awaiting the Strawberry Ruby-Ann® strawberry plant, which blooms above the foliage and gives fruit within reach of the consumer, very decorative and practical. Or the Basil Tree® basil, which takes the form of a stem shrub and is available in two sizes. Here is an overview of the surprises that you will soon be able to cultivate at home… Rewarding plants for fulfilled neo-gardeners! Thanks : - Serge Bollard, landscaper, - Michaël Le Bret and Pierre Byache from, - Laurent Foucault from Jardiland. Find out more: - // - // - // - // - // - // www.