Tutorial: a corner sofa in pallets

Tutorial: a corner sofa in pallets

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A centerpiece of the living room, the sofa is one of those objects with multiple caps. Sometimes an evening movie under the duvet, sometimes a lively evening with friends, he knows how to be welcoming in all circumstances. And if you are looking for the ideal ally for dull days, what could be better than making it yourself? Today we will learn how to create a corner sofa with wooden pallets.


- 9 pallets (preferably Europe pallets) - a saw (ideally a table saw) - sandpaper - wire - cutting pliers - a hammer - a hammer - a crowbar - 4 fine foam mattresses - 2 pliers Budget: around 200 € Duration: around one day


1. To start, position two pallets lengthwise and a perpendicular palette to create the corner of the sofa.
2. Tie the pallets together with wire. You will have to repeat this operation on each level without forgetting to also attach the levels between them. Position the pallets of the second level in this way.
3. Before positioning the third level, modify the middle palette so that it can accommodate the back of the sofa in its short side. To do this, take a slat and cut it to 75 cm.
4. Turn the pallet over, place the piece 75 cm to 19 cm from the edge of the short side in the pallet, then screw it.
5. Position the pallets of the last level, making sure to place the modified pallet in the middle with the modified side outwards.
6. Now move on to building the files. Cut out a palette, keeping three slats like in the photo. Do the same with two other pallets and set them aside.
7. With a crowbar, remove all the pieces from the base to keep only the upper panel of the pallets. Knock down the nails with a hammer.
8. Collect two slats and cut them to 75 cm.
9. Position the two pieces on the back of the file in the middle of each half as in the photo. Screw the pieces.
10. You now have your file which will be inserted at the back of the pallets by pressing on the first level, thus creating the inclination. Repeat for a second folder. Place them and fix them between them.
11. To make the last file, take an upper panel of the pallet and make the following marks on the reverse: - a mark at 117 cm from the upper left corner; - a mark at 110.5 cm from the lower left corner. Draw a line between the two marks, then saw the piece. Please note: these dimensions are exact only for Europe pallets. If you are using other pallet formats, you will need to take specific measurements.
12. Collect a slat and cut it to 75 cm. Also prepare two pieces of 3.5 cm wide and 90 cm long.
13. Position them on the back of the file in the dimensions indicated on the photo. Screw them.
14. Insert the folder. The 75 cm piece rests on the first level and the two 90 cm pieces rest on the floor. Now that the structure of the sofa is finished, it is advisable to add pieces of foam to the good dimensions and to cover them with covers in current: 739845 fabric. Our tip: cutting custom foam breads being quite expensive, turn to the foam mattresses of the Swedish giant. For example, we have used four polyurethane foam mattresses of 160 x 70 cm here for a total cost of € 160.


Your corner sofa is now finished, the pallets will give a very trendy raw spirit to your interior. One last tip: use the spaces between the slats of the pallets to store books and magazines!

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