2 simple DIY tips for a trendy office

2 simple DIY tips for a trendy office

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An office is not just a piece of furniture, pencils and papers piling up. It is a place of life that should inspire you and make your life easier. Here are some tips for optimize your storage by creating a stylish workspace!

Start by choosing your office!

Does that seem obvious to you? Perfect then, because it is the centerpiece around which to decline your working universe. An industrial office, like that of the architect Vito, or a steel and pine office for the Jackson loft spirit? Perhaps you would prefer the more designer Alesia desk and its pepsy and colorful graphics?

Create trendy upcycled shelves!

For a decoration custom at low cost you can create storage additional styles by diverting pretty recycled or new wooden cases! Necessary material - 3 wooden boxes (the rendering is nicer if they are not the same size) - sandpaper or abrasive sheet to sand your boxes if they are recovered - a large brush - three acrylic paints of different colors - enough fix the boxes (nails, hammer, hinges: it all depends on what you plan to put in) Then nothing could be simpler: protect your floor, then sand your boxes. Paint them with at least two coats of paint. You can choose to paint only the interior, for a natural and colorful look, or to paint each case completely! Make it to your liking. It will only remain to fix them. However, if you don't want to drill holes in your walls, you can stack the boxes one above the other, directly on your desk!

Create a practical moodboard

This is to project on your wall a real inspirational universe, conducive to the development of great ideas! How? 'Or' What ? Very easily, thanks to the perforated panel and a mix and match of photos, post-it, postcards…! Necessary material - a 60x90 cm perforated panel or a metal trellis - S hooks, clothespins, or clips - pots for cooking utensils (cutlery drainer, jar holder, etc.) to be diverted into a pencil holder or other office equipment. - masking tape or paint and a brush. Just put your panel behind your desk, and hang all your accessories on it. You can also choose to fix it with pegs at the top to secure it. Decorate it with the masking tape to personalize it with splashes of color, or even paint to create a graphic effect (a large colored triangle in the corner for example!) Then, hang all the elements on it inspire you every day, photos and positive phrases! This will brighten up your working days. To always better organize your office, also think of our AFRA cork pencil holder or our LOFT magazine range! Finally, don't forget to consult our DIY tips to pimp your chairs and personalize your plates or even your mini-shelves!

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