3 express decor ideas for Christmas with the Marks & Spencer collection

3 express decor ideas for Christmas with the Marks & Spencer collection

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Christmas is fast approaching and you lack ideas for celebrating your home? The editorial 'was inspired by the pretty British atmospheres of Marks & Spencer and retained 3 decorative ideas. Discovery in pictures.

Bring in the light

Installed in a cozy armchair, a plaid on the shoulders, bring the light into your living room. Transparent golden balls, garlands of light, lanterns, candle holders ... we play the magic of Christmas to the full! The good idea : the light garland surrounding the window. An easy to do last minute tip that adds depth to the room.

High-end details that make the difference

For a royal Christmas, play the grand century style. Collect high-end accessories on a small piece of furniture for example. A massive Jacques Garcia crown, a shaker and a golden mirror will adorn a 1930s chest of drawers. Stop junk! Christmas is the perfect opportunity to transform your family trinkets into a unique piece. The good idea : the reindeer-shaped tealight holder. In gold or silver, these inexpensive accessories will give chic and elegance to your decor.

Christmas table: classic or sophisticated?

Lacking inspiration for your Christmas table? Enhance classic white dishes with a vegetal decor: a wreath of holly at the table, cork on the fireplace, and of course, a real fir tree. Purists will look for white for a more sophisticated scene, made of stars and lace. The good idea : the vegetable and luminous crown along the mirror. A small decorative effect for a beautiful harmony.
Find all these decorations on the 2015 Christmas collection from Marks & Spencer.