Making your house glass cleaner: the step-by-step

Making your house glass cleaner: the step-by-step

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Say goodbye to strippers that are too aggressive for your spring cleaning! In search of a natural recipe, respectful of our health as well as of our planet, we tested a do-it-yourself window cleaner, composed only of healthy ingredients. First good surprise: its preparation takes only a few minutes. Top time, consult our tutorial before taking the plunge!

The ingredients for a house glass cleaner:

The real asset of this 100% natural product? It consists of only 3 ingredients and you will have no trouble finding them in the supermarket or failing that in a hardware store: - 25 cl of demineralized water - 15 cl of white vinegar - 5 drops of lemongrass essential oil - 1 measuring cup - 1 container

Why use demineralized water?

Demineralized water, késako? Purified water that no longer contains any ions. In everyday life, it is generally used to fill the tanks of irons and to prevent them from becoming soaked with lime. But it is also perfect for the maintenance of green plants or fragile objects. Hence the interest of using it for our super home made window cleaner!


1. Pour demineralized water Pour 25 cl of this slightly magical water into a measuring cup.
2. Pour the white vinegar Add 15 cl of white vinegar, the second miracle product in your grandmother's recipe. We no longer present it, white vinegar - also called crystal vinegar - cleans, deodorizes, disinfects, descales ... while offering the luxury of being green! The icing on the cake is that it is very inexpensive (less than 50 cents per liter on average).
3. Fill the container The ideal is to have on hand an empty spray bottle, ready to use. But, we reassure you, a tube of sauce and a clean bottle do the job too! Pour your mixture of demineralized water and white vinegar.
4. Add the essential oil To finish our recipe (yes, already!), We will use lemongrass oil. Deodorant and antiseptic, it will purify the atmosphere and, as a bonus, keep mosquitoes away!
5. Mix The manufacturing secret? Shake the bottle well! A gesture to repeat then before each use.
6. Test your window cleaner It only remains to go to practice! You will quickly realize that another ingredient is required to complete your natural recipe: a little elbow grease! But the result is nevertheless up to our expectations and can be used on your windows as on your mirrors or screens.
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