10 Christmas candles from 2.50 euros

10 Christmas candles from 2.50 euros

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The magic of Christmas would not be quite what it is without a multitude of candles! Their sparkling lights create a soft and warm atmosphere essential for a party atmosphere. Here is a selection of very decorative candles for less than 10 euros.

The fairyland takes over the house

The end of year celebrations are the perfect opportunity to decorate your home with a touch of magic: to make young and old dream, candles are the perfect accessories that you cannot do without! Do not hesitate to create an atmosphere that resembles you by imagining a pretty lit centerpiece, or a graphic exhibition on the edge of the fireplace by combining several candles of identical shape but of different sizes and colors. Take full advantage of the Christmas theme by choosing small characters or special holiday wax emblems (fir, star, snowflake, miniature Santa Claus, etc.), which matches all of your decorations.

A magical Christmas at a low price

No need to break your piggy bank to get a dream decoration! Consumer brands (Casa, Jardiland, Ikea, Alinea, Habitat, etc.) today compete in creativity to offer us pretty accessories at low prices. Christmas candles are adorned with ever more original shapes and colors while remaining accessible to the greatest number. Our special Christmas selection will certainly help you in your choice ... Happy Holidays!
1. Candle with bread apple € 2.50 Eminza / 2. Santa candle € 5.95 Priceminister / 3. Fir candle € 3.68 Holiday spirit / 4. Mini candle At the foot of the fir € 9.90 Durance / 5. Snowflake candle € 3.35 Deco Style Passion / 6. Star candle € 7.99 Balsamik / 7. Red Christmas tree candle € 2.99 Tati / 8. Duo of table candles € 2.95 Nocibé / 9. Lot de 6 Christmas ball candles € 4.99 Tati / 10. Lot of 4 silver fir candles € 3.99 Disguise