Clever storage for the laundry room

Clever storage for the laundry room

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A well thought out layout

The laundry room Often comes down to a reduced space of a few square meters that must be optimized: so start by having wall shelves that can cross the whole room and rise almost to the ceiling. You will place on them many storage boxes that will allow you to no longer leave your laundry products and other laundry items of all kinds lying around.

Have a medium board installed approximately at waist level to act as a worktop: you can fold the laundry there as you like, but also slide your various household appliances (washing machine, dryer) )… And thus gain precious square meters!

Also opt for laundry bins that will allow you to properly sort in your light and dark clothes, delicate or resistant to hot washing, etc. For each member of your family to participate in this household task, adopt a fun storage system. With a week and a drawer for each person (or several storage baskets with handles with a small name slate, for example), everyone can bring their dirty laundry and return with their clean freshly ironed laundry!

Adapted accessories

The laundry room is also the perfect place to store extra pillows, blankets and quilts. Think of vacuum storage covers, perfect for this type of bulky laundry. These have the advantage of occupying 4 times less space than a conventional cover and can easily slip on a shelf.

Finally, if you take advantage of this place to store shoes or your ironing board, think of the storage spaces that are fixed behind the doors. Space saving guaranteed!

In any case, whatever the storage that you will use in your laundry room, remember to bring it some decorative touches that will make this place less austere! White and soft colors are welcome, as are the natural materials which give the room a very pleasant Zen atmosphere on a daily basis.

4 clever tips for a laundry room always tidy

With these tips and the right storage accessories, you an organized and tidy laundry room daily.

  • Group products by theme in your laundry room

In order to better navigate each day, and to know where everything is stored, it is advisable to arrange the products by theme in the room. Household products on one side, household linen in a shelf, shoes and other accessories in a specific piece of furniture…

  • Do not leave anything loose in the room

Whether out of habit or for lack of time, it sometimes happens that objects are left lying around… which accumulate over time, until the room becomes disorganized. All items in your laundry room should be put away after use. You can also create a special box for "orphan" objects such as socks that are found alone after going through the machine, buttons for lost clothes, etc.

  • Use the walls of the laundry room

Laundries are often small spaces, it is necessary to use the least square meter. You can use the walls or the walls of the furniture to hang various objects using hooks. Also use these areas to organize your household chores: post a schedule of the tasks to be carried out by each member of the family visible in the laundry room.

  • Install suitable furniture

For suitable and practical storage, there are a few tips to know when setting up your laundry room. Install kitchen furniture in your laundry room with optimal dimensions and storage. Also choose shallow furniture, which does not take up too much space and allows you to have everything you need on hand.