Machines that recycle plastic to make designer objects

Machines that recycle plastic to make designer objects

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If today recycling on an individual scale is all about making our plastic products disappear in the right bin, it may well be that in the future each of us can do our own recycling at home. At least, this is the idea supported by Precious Plastic, an innovative project launched by the Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, which takes the form of a recycling workshop that anyone could assemble at home, without means test.

Birth of the project

It was by noticing the ubiquity of plastic in our daily lives (but also in the environment) that Dave Hakkens had the idea of ​​Precious Plastic as a graduation project. The purpose of his initiative? That the recycling process is no longer the prerogative of large companies and that everyone can recycle their own waste through a system of machines. A sort of "homemade" workshop that would allow everyone to work on their own plastic and then transform it again.

An ecological and design project

The waste is first reduced to plastic crumbs before being reused to form new objects (vases, containers, etc.). In addition to being ecological, Dave's system works creativity by awakening the artisan who lies dormant in each of us. The result is gratifying, since each new object created is unique in addition to being economical.

A global project

Precious Plastic aims to establish itself all over the world. Wherever the person is (in an African village or in Europe), they must be able to simply set up their workshop. This is why the plans of the recycling machines have been shared on the internet accompanied by videos, instructions, tips and other manufacturing diagrams. What's more, the machines require basic materials that can be found everywhere, in addition to being modular and easy to assemble. To your tools!
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