A baking and sausage robot signed Brandt

A baking and sausage robot signed Brandt

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Brandt's new robot is revolutionary! The appliance brand was inspired by professional machines to make an all-in-one robot for individuals. You can cook all kinds of food and recipes with one tool.

An innovative combo

The appliance has six speeds and a pulse function, ideal for looting ice cream or for mixing large pieces of food. It comes with a pastry kit, consisting of a whisk, a stainless steel bowl (5.5 liters) which serves as a kneader and a beater, so that you can make homemade bread and cakes.
In its glass blender (1.6 liters), the six blades will happily mix and mix all the food, to make soups, smoothies or sauces, according to your desires. The removable elements are dishwasher safe. The little extra? Suction feet which keep the device fixed.

Accessories to do even more

This multifunction device can be complemented with different accessories to do even more! Fresh pasta, minced meat - in three different formats - or grated cheese!
With these utensils, a very practical storage bag is included. Everything is sold with a cookbook made thanks to the pastry robot, published by Editions Marabout. Count 500 euros to acquire this new model of the brand.
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