I tested for you… the TO by Lipton teapot

I tested for you… the TO by Lipton teapot

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In recent years, the French have been rediscovering tea and its thousands of flavors with great pleasure. From spicy perfumes to oriental classics, passing by the deep aromas of black tea, the proposed mixes never cease to seduce consumers, always in search of new taste experiences. A big tea lover, I was impatient at the idea of ​​testing the new TO by Lipton machine: designed by the agency 5.5 designstudio and developed by Krups, this robot with an ultra contemporary look promises to revolutionize the art of tea. ... So I challenged him to take my senses on a journey for a new generation "tea time"!

A farandole of flavors

In order to better understand how TO by Lipton works, I head to the pop-up store set up by the brand in the heart of the BHV of the Hôtel de ville, in Paris. This fully digital "laboratory bar", open until October 11, 2015, is the perfect place for a first discovery of the machine! I am greeted by a "tea shopper staff" who first takes the time to identify my tastes. After a brief interview, the tea specialist recommends a mixture called "Cuban Lime", one of the 33 flavors offered by the brand. By consulting the menu of tea capsules offered, I note that the diversity of mixtures imagined by Lipton is one of the strong points of the machine: green teas, black teas or infusions, there is something for everyone!

A complex machine for ultra simple use

Concretely, how does TO by Lipton work? The machine has a capsule system which is slid into a small slot provided for this purpose. The latter releases the tea leaves in the transparent brewing chamber located just above: thanks to its Air Movement Infusion technology, these leaves are continuously brewed in water heated to a suitable temperature in order to optimally release all their flavors . But the real added value of TO by Lipton undoubtedly lies in its information collection system, which allows the machine to detect the type of capsule used. The new generation teapot programs the temperature and the brewing time according to these data, for a tea that is always perfectly flavored. On the cleaning side, simply slide a special capsule once a month (on average) to descale the machine: child's play!

Scented prints

From the first sip (without burning myself), I understand the interest of having such a robot at home: exit bland teas, or acres because of the sachet left too long in the cup! The smell spreads slowly around me, the aromas are present ... And the icing on the cake, my tea is served in a pretty cup designed by the brand Bodum, delivered with the machine. The experience is conclusive ... to be renewed urgently! Useful information : The TO by Lipton is priced at 179 € and capsules cost 3.90 € per box of 10. The machine is available on today, and on sale at Darty, Boulanger and Fnac from 30 October 2015 (detailed list of points of sale on the brand's website). 4 colors to choose from: flame red, titanium, anise green and glazed silver.