What lighting for the toilets?

What lighting for the toilets?

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We do not always think about it, but the lighting of the toilets must be carefully chosen. Even if you don't spend a lot of time there, you do go there often. You might as well make this little corner as pleasant as possible and opt for a lighting system capable of withstanding numerous requests. The range of luminaires available makes it possible to provide the toilets with sufficient light and the essential decorative touch. From the toilets integrated in the bathroom to the isolated toilets, with or without window, let's see in detail the lighting possibilities of this place of comfort.

Lighting blind toilets

To light a windowless toilet, the ideal would be to bring in natural light by installing a skylight. This fairly expensive solution but oh so ecological is to install a reflective tube between the toilet and the roof. If the budget to be devoted to lighting small corners without windows does not allow to opt for this solution, wall lights with indirect lighting are a good compromise to create a mood light but however sufficient. For toilets integrated in a bathroom without window, you can opt for a recessed LED spot completely independent of the main lighting. Generally, we avoid the neon lights which distribute a too harsh light and desperately lack heat.

The right lighting for a toilet with window

From morning to evening, the toilets with opening to the outside benefit from daylight. But you have to think about installing a lighting system for the night. Again, a ramp of adjustable spotlights and wall lights will fulfill their role while being discreet. These fixtures take up very little space, which is an indisputable criterion for choosing a room with reduced dimensions. For toilets integrated in a bathroom fitted with a window, the choice of lighting system is wider since the room is more spacious. In order to accentuate the decorative side of the place, one can completely afford a fluorescent lamp with quirky shapes and colors, and whose bulb consumes little energy. Its lifespan is exceptional and its ignition is extremely fast.

A suspension in the toilet

Unconditional fans can light their little corner with a pendant lamp provided that the ceiling height is at least 2.50 m. It remains to place this lighting system judiciously so as not to risk bumping into it. If the ceiling is lower, it is better to install a ceiling lamp of about 25 cm in diameter. Its diffused light is ideal for sufficiently lighting a small space without dazzling. An LED bulb with immediate lighting will save energy while being ultra functional.