Mistakes to Avoid in a Small Bathroom

Mistakes to Avoid in a Small Bathroom

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"Back to school" often rhymes with "moving in", and sometimes even with puzzles. Sometimes the bathroom in a new home is not very large and therefore complicated to fit out. Choosing furniture, colors, everything is more difficult in a small space. Here are some mistakes you shouldn't make.

Mistake # 1: Choosing dark colors

Royal blue, deep red or English green are all very pretty colors, but they tend to shrink a room. To avoid an impression of confinement, it is therefore preferable to opt for a bathroom painted in light or pastel colors which will enlarge the space. To add a little cheerfulness, it is always possible to add here and there little colored touches.

Mistake # 2: Absolutely wanting a bathtub

In a small bathroom, it is impossible to integrate a large bathtub in which you can take long baths while lying down. It is therefore largely preferable to opt for a pretty shower with transparent walls which will save space and will not give the impression of occupying all the space.

Mistake # 3: Skimping on storage

Who says small bathroom does not necessarily say lack of storage. To allow good circulation in the room, it is best not to put too much furniture on the floor. There are a good number of hanging furniture and accessories in decoration stores. If they are not sufficient, it is also possible to fix some shelves close to the ceiling, a discreet storage space which will allow, for example, to store cleaning products.

Mistake # 4: Not paying attention to lighting

The more confined the spaces, the more important it is to properly light them. One small energy-saving light bulb will not be enough, even if the bathroom is tiny. So you have to think about hanging different lights, both on the ceiling and above the mirror.

Mistake # 5: Tiling the walls entirely

Still for the sake of containment, it is not recommended to fully tile the walls of a small bathroom. The tiling is however absolutely not prohibited but must, in this case, stop halfway up and be light in color.