Before / After: Wood to heat the terrace

Before / After: Wood to heat the terrace

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When the exteriors and the terrace are left abandoned, the house can quickly take on an old-fashioned and neglected appearance. However, sometimes it is enough to replace a major element to revive an outdoor space! It is with this in mind that the owners of this small Marseille house called on the Slowgarden agency, which specializes in the development of outdoor spaces. Tired of their irregular and shabby terrace, they wanted to be able to enjoy a place better suited to their needs. Between the worn wooden blades and the badly positioned vine, a major job awaited the landscapers from Slowgarden! Results in pictures. Global budget: € 9,000

Harmonize the outdoor space

Before : When Claire Delahaye, founder of the Slowgarden design office, first visited this little house in the center of Marseille, she immediately saw the potential of outdoor spaces. Although irregular in form and design, they nevertheless offer the advantage of being able to accommodate several types of layout. The wooden blades were laid on the ground a long time ago and are in dire need of maintenance. In addition to its faded appearance, the terrace sports two different types of wood, which spoils the overall aesthetic: the first project entrusted to Slowgarden therefore consists in harmonizing the exteriors by means of a new floor covering. The owners also want to be able to enjoy their terrace as a real living room; however they do not manage to arrange a corner favorable to the relaxation because of the quirky surface of their terrace, a little lost in the middle of a grouping of dwellings: this one is provided with many angles difficult to exploit, which do not allow not the installation of a sofa / armchair set.
After : To meet the different demands of the owners, Claire Delahaye and her team have entirely removed the old wooden planks placed on the ground to replace them with a new coating made of planks of northern pine. This noble and warm material finally harmonizes the exteriors of this small Marseille house while providing it with the character it lacked. The new layout now includes a summer lounge, a space for lunch and dinner as well as a discreet corner in which the barbecue and the plancha take place. No more space is lost thanks to the ingenuity of the landscapers from Slowgarden, who were able to take advantage of the angles left behind. New planters have thus emerged, also covered with pine blades for a perfectly coherent aesthetic. So that the vegetated parts are daily humidified, an automatic watering system has been hidden under the terrace: the hot summer heat of the PACA region makes this "more" almost essential!

Details review

Before : Apart from the pretty table and its chairs of classic invoice, the external decoration was not really looked after. The whole lacks radiance and charm! Many assets are however at hand: Claire Delahaye will put her experience at the service of this small urban terrace to transform it into a cozy and warm relaxation area.
After : Slowgaden favored sobriety in the choice of colors and materials so as not to distort the "classic countryside" spirit of the place. The aging plastered wall has been deliberately left in its own juice to preserve the patina which has naturally developed over the years, and which gives charm to the whole. Only the vines have been raised to facilitate the movement of owners and their guests. Everyone can now enjoy a shaded and nicely decorated exterior! More info on