6 grandma's tips for clean, white curtains

6 grandma's tips for clean, white curtains

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Curtains should be cleaned carefully. It is first important to consult the label to know if a dry cleaning is necessary. If you choose to wash them yourself, here are some natural and economic secrets, taken from our grandmothers, so that your curtains keep them fresh and held.

Tip N ° 1: keep your curtains in place

To keep textiles in place, our grandmothers used to starch them. Where to find starch? Nothing could be simpler, soak your curtains in a bucket with rice water diluted with clear water.

Tip # 2: bleach the curtains in the washing machine

Add a sachet of baking powder to the detergent drawer of your washing machine. Your white curtains will come out bright.

Tip # 3: bleach the curtains by hand

In the case of fragile curtains or curtains, soak them for at least one hour in very hot water with lemon juice. Count one lemon per liter of water. Then wash and let dry.

Tip 4: test the color of the curtains

To find out if it is possible to wash and iron them, test the color of your curtains. For that, slightly wet the corner of the hem of your curtain, put on the damp place with a piece of cotton then iron this corner normally with your iron. If the cotton becomes colored, it is because the color is not well fixed and the fabric will discolour when washed. If this is the case, you will have to bring your curtains to the dry cleaners.

Tip # 5: remove rust stains

Did the curtain rings leave ugly traces of rust? Boil water and then place your curtain over the steam. When the fabric is wet, apply salt with lemon added. If the stain does not go away, try with a little ammonia on a cotton pad.

Tip N ° 6: remove tobacco odors

If your curtain is impregnated with tobacco odors, spray a solution consisting of one liter of water and 5 to 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil.