How to declutter kitchen cupboards?

How to declutter kitchen cupboards?

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With the arrival of spring, it's time to clean up your kitchen! In order to save space in your storage units and to organize them better, but also to see more clearly in your room, it is advisable to empty all your cupboards and to sort them before cleaning the items you wish to keep. and find them a place of choice. Here are our tips for effectively decluttering your kitchen cupboards.

Separate from your old devices

In general, we only separate household appliances when they no longer work. But if some of them are several years old and not of good quality, it is in your best interest to get rid of them, especially if they are cooking appliances that may heat the food badly. So head to the recycling center!

Say goodbye to used items

Whether it is an incomplete food processor, a kettle that no longer closes properly, a blender with a missing lid or a pan that attaches: if parts are missing from a device or if it is broken, you can part with it. Depending on the state of your object, you can give it to an association so that it can be repaired and begins its second life.

Avoid having duplicate utensils

If you have multiple duplicate cookware, it can create more clutter than anything else. For example, having five pots if you only use two does not do much and takes up space in your room, just like having two molds or two similar cookie cutters.

Sort in your pantry

Check the expiration dates of the foods you store in your closet, especially those that you do not eat daily such as breadcrumbs, flour, powdered sugar or spices. Sometimes we have surprises!

Make room in your storage

Before emptying your kitchen storage, think pragmatically. What devices have you not used for two years? Which ones have you never used after buying them? So your bread maker, waffle iron or ice cream maker may disappear from your cupboards. They will then leave more room for your family crockery, silverware and small culinary items that have sentimental value.