I organize my kitchen!

I organize my kitchen!

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The return to school in September is often an opportunity to make new resolutions. This year, it is in the kitchen that you will bring a little change. How? 'Or' What ? In you OR-GA-NI-SANT to save time and make meal preparation even more pleasant. Here are our top 5 to give you a little boost.

Resolution n ° 1: I bet on drawer organizers

Knives, forks, spoons, you are used to organizing your cutlery with drawers provided for this purpose. Today, the kitchen designers have understood that it was no longer enough and offer you very clever solutions to also store your plates, pots and pans.

Resolution # 2: I put everything in boxes

Transparent boxes and jars have become storage allies in the kitchen. Once filled and labeled, you just have to align them on a shelf or put them in a sliding cupboard to find them easily. A real time saver every day!

Resolution # 3: I use the walls for storage

Also consider using the wall surface to gain storage. So opt for credenza bars on which you can fix hooks and baskets that will allow you to hang your utensils, your tea towels ...

Resolution n ° 4: I install sliding elements in the cupboards

Cupboards can sometimes prove impractical when you start piling up everything and anything inside. To have easy access to all our products, the ideal is to install sliding elements inside (baskets, shelves, etc.). So everything is close at hand when you start preparing meals.

Resolution n ° 5: I sort my waste

To easily sort your waste in the kitchen, you will have to invest in a sorting bin. The latter will help you to make this gesture automatic and not transform your resolution into constraint. Today there are models made up of three ultra-practical and space-saving containers. You have no more excuses!