I tested for you: Prepare a balanced meal for 6 in less than 30 minutes with the AdaptaChef

I tested for you: Prepare a balanced meal for 6 in less than 30 minutes with the AdaptaChef

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I admit, I am not very food processor. Relatively expensive and bulky, these models do not particularly attract me. But that was before discovering the multi-function robot The AdaptaChef and its new accessory "Coup'AdaptaChef" which promises to "cut sticks or cubes of fruit and vegetables more quickly than its shadow". Let's see that! To test it, I challenged myself to cook an inexpensive and balanced meal for 6 guests (children included) in less than 30 minutes. Verdict in pictures!

The Tupperware AdaptaChef

The AdaptaChef is a 4-in-1 mechanical robot, designed to follow you throughout your culinary career and ingeniously designed by Tupperware. On the basis of a fixed and non-slip base, we have positioned various accessories and inserts for chopping, grating, cutting and squeezing the fruit. The latest addition to the range is the Coup'AdaptaChef, which allows you to make vegetable sticks and homemade bistro-style fries. I am already seduced by three aspects. First, I can fix the foot on my work plan and take out the accessories according to my needs. My little kitchen will not be cluttered. Secondly, this manual robot is not likely to break down. Thirdly, it can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people, because it is positioned itself.

Small course before taking the plunge

It's time to get to work. I put on my apron. At first I am a little frightened by the range of utensils in front of me. There are no less than four graters, a juicer, a chopper, a stuffing tip, inserts for the cake dough ... I who reserve the assembly of the kit furniture for my husband, I panic! It was to forget that Tupperware is above all a community. The products are only sold in the workshop, with a hostess who explains the handling of the devices. And the brand is active on social networks where fans exchange recipes. After a private lesson with the Tupperware workshop, miracle, I understood everything! Make way for the kitchen. I only gave myself half an hour, which time is available to a working parent who wants to cook a balanced dinner for the children.
For the entry, I make it simple: I use two different graters, to prepare a salad of zucchini and carrots. You have to think about taking the hardest vegetable to push the softest vegetable into the grater. I will find out next time because my zucchini is a little boiled. Good surprise: I timed the peeling and the cutting of a carrot: 17 seconds per vegetable. Let's go to the dish! I chose to make cannelloni with spinach, ricotta and salmon. Ingredients : - 75 gr of parmesan - 18 cannelloni to stuff - 3 salmon steaks (or 300 gr) - 200 grams of fresh spinach - 500 grams of ricotta - 500 ml of whole cream
I grate the parmesan with the powder cone. I then mix in a bowl the ricotta, the whole spinach leaves and the diced salmon. I fill the mincer and position the stuffing tip at the end. I fill each cannelloni. It is surprisingly easy. Just never stop turning the crank for even filling. When my cannelloni are full, I place them in an oven dish, cover all the rest of the stuffing mixed with the cream. Then finally, I finish by adding the parmesan. I bake 30 minutes at 200 ° (TH 6/7).
I only have about ten minutes to prepare a dessert and I estimate that my budget already exceeds 20 € (around 3.50 € per guest), so I decide to keep it simple, I peel kiwis and apples and cut them with the utensil to be cut into slices or cubes. Then I squeeze two oranges. You have to be very careful not to pinch yourself with the handle of the juicer, it is the only defect of the robot and its extensions. Besides, I'm not sure I am convinced of the additional interest of the juicer extension if you already have a small one at home.
Back to our recipe: I mix my fruit with orange juice. But children will never want to eat it presented like this. What is left in the closet? Two chocolate squares, a few hazelnuts and cornflakes. I pass everything in the powder cone. It is fun to do and there is no need to force on the press to get powder. Next time, I hire the kids who will love it.
I have my fruit salad in table glasses to improve the ordinary. That's it. My bet is raised.

The AdaptaChef: the verdict

I am really seduced by the product which seems solid, easy to use and costs 10 times less than fashionable electric robots. My two reservations: you have to buy the recipe booklets which are not offered but you can find these cooking ideas on the Tupperware website and I would have liked to be able to choose the color (but that's my girly side). The AdaptaChef (sold with the chopper and the cookie insert): € 129.90 The Coup'AdaptaChef extension: € 40 The grater extension: € 39.90 Citrus press: € 54.90