Twido, the new generation decorative water heater

Twido, the new generation decorative water heater

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The Twido water heater was one of the finalists for the EDF Pulse innovation prize. And it's not for nothing! Indeed, his project is ambitious: he intends to deliver hot water only when the consumer wants it. The plus: it also benefits from a hyper-worked design, for a very successful decorative effect. Presentation.

For an environmental wish…

Nobody really knows their consumption of hot water. Olivier Cocheteux, president of 2 & GO, the designer of Twido, embarks on connected objects by modernizing the water heater. Now the user can get heated water only when they need it. To do this, it uses an application (available on mobile and tablet). Twido® is equipped with a Mytwido computer system which makes it possible to follow the evolution of hot water consumption and to accurately measure the water and energy savings achieved. Nothing is wasted, everything is calculated. "The consumer must become eco-responsible. Depending on the type of habitat and the behavior of individuals, there is between 30% and 75% water and energy savings. "he confides. This modular system consisting of four stainless steel tanks surrounded by heating panels delivers water quickly and on demand. Then, a monthly dashboard informs you of your consumption. In case of overconsumption, a alert is sent by email.

But also a decorative asset

This system is ideal for reducing bills but it is also a real renewal for the decoration of your bathroom. It fits everywhere, including in the smallest spaces for optimal space saving. We will quickly forget his old hot water tank which took a superhuman place, Twido has a slim and slender design and its dimensions (height 2.30 m or 1.40 mx 0.7 m) fit into any room even in a hallway or a kitchen. It has been designed for other uses: you can install a hanging toilet or a towel dryer. It is installed like a piece of furniture and requires no maintenance… What good surprises for this customizable water heater for all decorations! Indeed, several designs are possible: white, white or black PVC with material effects, painted PVC, with discreet and bright lighting. The choice is vast and that's what we like!
Electric water heater Large model (3 or 4 tanks) : 2,040 euros Electric water heater Small model : 1,730 euros More info on //www.twido.fr/