Water heaters: all you need to know about the temperature

Water heaters: all you need to know about the temperature

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If the water from your faucets produces large amounts of steam, and it burns quickly, you should adjust the temperature of the water heater. In order to obtain the ideal temperature, it is important to have a good expense / comfort / safety ratio. The set temperature is the reference temperature at which domestic hot water must leave your tank. It is displayed on the thermostat of your water heater. Ideally, this temperature should be 50 ° C. Find more articles on the theme: Work quotes for a water heater installation

Temperature of the water heater: the risks linked to too cold water

Below 50 ° C, the bacterial risks are particularly high. Each year, several hundred people are admitted to the hospital for an illness that can be caused by contamination of the water heater. Legionella, bacteria affecting the lungs, mainly affects children and the elderly. Like many other bacteria, legionella develops mainly in standing water, at a temperature below 50 ° C. By keeping the water temperature of the water heater at 60 ° C, you will significantly reduce the risk of bacteria growth. In the past, it was advisable to purge the water heaters annually, in order to eliminate any deposits and bacteria. This practice is no longer in effect today as it has been found to be ineffective. Plumbing professionals also claim that purging is likely to shorten the life of the water heater.

Water heater: installation of a temperature controller

To reduce the risk of burns from excessively hot water, it is advisable to install a mixer or a temperature controller. The mixer will be installed at the outlet of the water heater and will mainly take care of keeping the water at a constant temperature. In addition, the mixer manages the association of cold water with hot water, and will adjust the assembly to a predetermined temperature. The temperature regulator is installed on the faucets of the bathroom or the kitchen. You can also put it out of the shower. The temperature regulator costs less than the mixer; however, it acts in a "targeted" manner. It is therefore necessary to install it on all water outlets.

Water temperature: tips to follow at home

If you do not have the possibility of installing a mixer or a regulator, it is crucial to apply a few rules, in order to avoid the risks of contamination or burns. - Do not change the settings of the thermostat of the water heater. - If you have children, do not let them fill the bath themselves. - Teach children to open the cold water tap first and to close the hot water tap first. - Avoid drinking water directly from the tank. Take the time to boil it on the stove or in a kettle. - Do not disconnect the fuse linked to the water heater if you are absent for a few days, as the water contained in the tank must be constantly kept at the correct temperature.