DIY kids: make a bear pencil box

DIY kids: make a bear pencil box

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To make lots of nice little things with children, packaging recycling is your best ally. Here, for example, we suggest you keep the kiri or fresh cheese box-type cardboard boxes and customize them to make pencil boxes, pretty and very practical for storing the piles of pencils and felt-tip pens of children who are lying around all over the house! Especially for you, the little ermine has transformed her kiri box into a pretty bear head, which will appeal to little ones and whom they will enjoy making on their own box. To simplify the work of the little ones as much as possible, we offer a template to download here, the older ones will be able to manage without it! Follow the little ermine to know the different stages of manufacturing!


- an empty kiri box - brown, black, beige or white, and pink foam paper - a pair of scissors - a ruler - white multi-support glue - brown and white acrylic paint and brushes - a felt pen black Posca type - possibly a primer undercoat to facilitate the application of acrylic paint. (The coating of the kiri boxes does not allow a very good adhesion of the paint!)


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