USM, mini furniture with maximum functionality

USM, mini furniture with maximum functionality

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Imagine light, modular, modern and scalable furniture that follows you everywhere. Whether you are more of a nomad or you simply like to change the style of your interior regularly, the range of USM mini furniture should appeal to you. Ingenious accent furniture, boxes, discreet coffee tables, chests of drawers with multiple storage… each room imagined by the Swiss company USM has been designed to adapt to all desires.

The combination of versatility and design

130 years now that USM has settled comfortably in the interior furniture landscape. It must be said that the products offered meet a multitude of needs (whether we are trying to sort, store, classify, or even store personal or professional belongings). A design of furniture that fits into a most timeless aesthetic vision. Impossible to get tired of Swiss furniture, as the design of each element is subtle and pleasing to the eye.

Intelligent know-how

The modular design system USM is based on the assembly of steel tubes and connection balls, which offers endless possibilities of combination. A smart design that responds to the philosophy of the house: offering mini durable furniture that adapts to different life movements such as moving. The desire to offer furniture that evolves alongside their owners and that follow the major stages of their life, year after year, metamorphosing as they wish.

The ambition of a family home

Despite numerous establishments around the world (Japan, USA, France, etc.) USM continues to produce its furniture in Switzerland. A real attachment to the roots for this family home - leading the fourth generation - which built its empire by providing its beginnings in the 60s modular solutions for Swiss companies. An ambition that is reaching new heights today, with clients like the Louis Vuitton Foundation, a gem of futuristic architecture in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne. Thus, USM white pieces of furniture furnish the space, or even bring touches of color to the different offices through rolling yellow gold, ruby ​​red, or gentian blue boxes.
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