8 mistakes to avoid in a nursery

8 mistakes to avoid in a nursery

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Mistake # 1: Overloading the space

Rule number one to respect so that baby feels good in his room: the latter must be ventilated. The first few months, no need to overload your Nursery with bulky furniture and a multitude of toys (which he obviously won't use anyway).

Remember that at first, for set up a nursery optimally, your baby will just need a bed, a dresser and a changing table, ideally placed on the dresser.

To facilitate night feedings, it is also practical to have an armchair (classic or rocking) in the nursery. If you add a wardrobe, toy boxes or bookcases, you run the risk of overloading the space and unnecessarily saturating the ventilation of the room. Finally, make sure that the passage is clear around the baby bed and that the access to the window is done without obstacle.

Mistake 2: Neglecting hygiene

This is obvious: so that baby can feel good in his space, a Nursery must be clean ... and therefore easy to maintain. If you are planning this room from scratch, choose easy-care materials: for the floor, lay on linoleum or parquet rather than carpet (put a carpet if you want to bring a cozy touch to the nursery).

Also avoid multiplying decorative objects and trinkets: they are pretty in a nursery, but they attract dust like magnets ...

If you cannot put a changing table in your bathroom and you plan to change baby's diapers in his room, do not put in the trash, which is a source of bad odors and bacteria.

Mistake # 3: Having only one light source

A nursery must have different light sources and therefore several lights. In addition to the main wall lamp which will be in accordance with the decoration you have chosen, provide a lamp that you will install on the chest of drawers and a floor lamp which will be placed near the armchair.

So if you have to feed or change your baby in the middle of the night, you can do so with a dim light less aggressive than a ceiling light!

Mistake N ° 4: Choose a decoration too marked

Rather than a princess decoration for girls or a car for boys, if you opt for a neutral and timeless environment with light and soft colors? This will be less excessive, and in addition you will be able to keep this decoration longer in your nursery, even when baby is growing!

It goes without saying that you can make a pink or blue room, but prefer pastel shades that you will associate with white, off-white or beige. If you want colors, limit the quantity and combine them with neutral tones. On the decor side, opt once again for sobriety.

Mistake 5: Set up an impractical nursery

Know that the first weeks, you will often have your baby in your arms. Also, for convenience and to avoid accidents, make sure that the baby room is well suited, and that you can:
- Put your infant in bed or on his changing table without difficulty;
- Circulate in the nursery without problem;
- Easily turn on all lights.