Before / After: Black & white to enhance a small bathroom

Before / After: Black & white to enhance a small bathroom

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The decoration experienced a wave of strong colors in the 70s and 80s before gradually giving way to neutral tones. Soothing and timeless, they have the advantage of combining with all styles, from the most classic to the most modern. In this small soulless shower room, the decorators of the Bel Ordinaire agency have decided to highlight black and white: after several weeks of work, the toilet space has taken on a fresh and modern look, perfectly in tune with the times. Decryption in images.

Boost style

Before : When Nordine acquired this large Parisian suburban apartment, he was already considering a contemporary and very designer space. To inject a modern atmosphere into his living space, he calls on the decorators from the Bel Ordinaire agency. In collaboration with the architect D.P.L.G. Jean-Thomas Finateu, Marie-Claire and Séverine Fresquet make an initial inventory: in addition to certain technical aspects to be modified, the apartment has no charm and the brightness is rather low. In the shower room reserved for guests, the previous owners did the bare minimum in terms of decor. The small room lacks functionality and style, an aspect that Nordine wants to change by removing all the old elements. It must be said that the pale pink tiles, associated with the sink and the "entry level" shower, do not make the bathroom particularly attractive. The finishes also leave something to be desired, with a wallpaper that gradually peels off the wall, a wall lamp left bare and the shower screen completely unsightly.
After : The shower room has found a new lease of life thanks to the intervention of the agency Bel Ordinaire. Marie-Claire and Séverine Fresquet have bet on a half-retro, half-contemporary atmosphere, mixing classic codes with more design elements. Thus, the wall covering is now composed of very simple white tiles, reminiscent of bathrooms from the 1930s. White thus dominates the room from floor to ceiling, simply punctuated by a few black elements that enliven the space (mirror , coat hook, etc.). The vanity has been entirely made-to-measure so that it can be integrated into this small room without obstructing circulation: tinged with black, very design, it goes perfectly with the other accessories in the bathroom. Guests can store their toiletries without having to go back and forth in the room. This storage completes the niches in the shower wall, now fitted with an extra flat tray. Every detail has been taken care of to personalize the room and give it that lovely touch of modernity. Nordine can now welcome its guests in a place that resembles it, both design and warm!
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