Which credenza to choose for my kitchen?

Which credenza to choose for my kitchen?

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The credenza is essential to the style of your kitchen. This horizontal covering behind the worktop is as much protection as a decoration. The choice of its material should not be left to chance and depends on several criteria, inherent to your needs and your cooking habits. Here are 4 types of splashbacks to adopt depending on the style of your kitchen.

Tile credenza

The credenza in tiling is a sure bet that lends itself to all styles, from the very trendy metro tiling to the most daring mosaics. Easy to live with, since a sponge is enough to clean it, this credenza allows you to personalize your room or, on the contrary, to remain sober and classic. His advantages : easy to maintain, it resists heat and adapts to different styles. Its disadvantages : the joints can become dirty or moldy.

Glass credenza

Ideal in a contemporary style kitchen, the glass splashback brings light. It offers many decorative options because it can be personalized at will, even with a family photo. In addition, the glass is particularly resistant to heat. His advantages : easy to clean, it withstands high temperatures and offers many possible decorations and colors. Its disadvantages : gets dirty quickly and can get scratched or split.

Wooden credenza

Whether you choose it in solid wood or laminate, this credenza brings a warm and resolutely trendy side to the kitchen. Ideal with white furniture and a Scandinavian style, it requires some maintenance to resist the onslaught of time and splashes. His advantages : warm, durable and shock resistant. Its disadvantages : less resistant to humidity or heat.

Stainless steel credenza

N ° 1 choice of professional kitchens, the stainless steel splashback is particularly suitable behind the hob because it is easy to clean. It is as modern as it is elegant and it is also the least expensive. On the other hand, it requires a certain maintenance because the slightest projection visibly dirty it. His advantages : hygienic, it does not fear heat or humidity. Its disadvantages : gets dirty quickly, is easily scratched and can be dented by blows.